Owners and Managers

Bill and Suzie Kropfeld

Cape Motel
26460 Lankford Hwy., South (Route 13)
Cape Charles, VA 23310, USA


Bill and Suzie Kropfeld are the owners of a cozy, clean, safe and comfortable motel located on Route 13 South, nestled on the historic Virginia Eastern Shore at Cape Charles. Conveniently located on the southernmost tip of the Delmarva Peninsula, it is just minutes away from the Chesapeake Bay and/or the Atlantic Ocean. The Cape Motel caters to travelers and their families, fishermen with boats, and even the (mobile) camper can overnight here, with plenty of space for parking trailers of every size. The Kropfelds provide their guests the opportunity to relax from their travels at a slower pace and has reasonable rates, HBO/TV, AC, a pool, as well as a picnic area, with vending and laundry facilities also on the premises. Efficiencies are also available here. There are also facilities for the fisherman, complete with an area to clean and prepare their “catch of the day.” Cape Charles is world famous for their Drum fishing season (the record is 116 lbs.); and for its crabs, oysters and clams. Directly across from their establishment, you may dine at The Cape Center, where you may purchase gas, and/or browse their gift shop, before resuming your trip to points north beyond the Delmarva Peninsula; or to points south, across the newly expanded (to twin spans) 17-mile, Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (just six minutes away/6 miles south) towards Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton Roads and the southern Atlantic states.

Their manager of
The Cape Motel is:
Mr. Paul W. J. Kropfeld

The Cape Motel's address is: 26460 Lankford Hwy., South (Route 13)

Their telephone is:

Their facsimile is:

Their e-mail is: capem@webtv.com

Tourism is the first and most important sector of a developing economy. It is a critical area of Micro Economics and needs the kind of successful customer sensitive experience and managing skills of the Kropfelds. They are both Advisors to IAED in our efforts to assist developing countries in the tourism areas, entrepreneurism, and specifically motel management. They represent what is "best" in humankind. Despite their handicap and disability, they preserve the "family unit" and work together as entrepreneurs to succeed in business. And the don't even know they have a disadvantage . . . they are too busy making the best of life!



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