"Let them eat cake!" - Someone in France.
December 2004

Conditions continue to worsen... more people going hungry. Not enough giving. People losing jobs and homes.

"Charitable Giving Sags In Holiday Homestrech As Politics Takes Its Toll" (The New York Sun - Tuesday December 14, 2004) "Reported donations to the New York Times Needist Cases Fund is down 15.7%. The Food Bank of New York City reports a decline of 43%. The New York City Mission Society reports down 10%. Etc. etc.

While the price of oil is rising since 2001,.. under the new "Texas compassionate conservatives" the rate of giving is declining... The Times Fund had a peak of $9.8 million in 2001. In 2002 the total dropped $8.8 million. In 2003 it dropped again to $8.3 million. While we (the Hyper-Empire) are trying to sell our kind of "Democracy" to the rest of the world. The Financial Capital (NYC) of the Empire is not doing to well with feeding its own citizens.

This week (December 16, 2004) the Republican Rich Corporations were meeting with the President in Washington, DC to discuss the economy and the new "Washington Agenda." They said, "The Economy is increasing nicely, and income is on the rise (for them)." While millions are continuing to lose their jobs and health care. Wal-Mart stock is down because, sales are off for them, but "the rich are doing all the spending." (Remember the "Trickle Down Economics." There must be some kind of "Gushing-Up Economics" going on?

More and more people are having to decide between paying the rent and buying food to feed their children.

In New York City, one in three children lives in poverty.

More and more New Yorkers, working or not, are struggling to make ends meet. Rising housing and heating costs leave little money for food. The result is hunger. Statistics from emergency food agencies tell the story:

400,000 people in New York City suffer from moderate or severe hunger -118,000 of them children.

40% of emergency food programs reported an increase in the number of working poor seeking assistance.

But lack of food has left emergency food programs unable to meet the increased demand.

74,000 people were turned away from NYC emergency food programs in January 1999 alone, up from 59,000 one year earlier -59% children, 11% elderly.

41% of NYC food pantries ration amount of food by giving smaller amounts.

Emergency food programs need a steady supply of wholesome, nutritious food to meet the ever-increasing demand. City Harvest supplements their food supply with fresh, free donated food, but much more needs to be done. Our waiting list of agencies continues to grow, and the hungry continue to be turned away.

New Television Series on "HUNGER in New York City"


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