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IAED's Mission and Goals: World Peace through Economic and Social Development.

IAED is focused on Economic Development Projects for countries who need it.
We study and understand the three groups which determine (help or block) Economic Development.
Governments, Non-Governmentl Organizations, and Businesses.

Ways to be involved with IAED.

 IAED is designed to help UN Ambassadors and their County Leaders
to obtain Effective and Sustainable Economic Development thru Charitable Country Projects.

What we do. Why we do it. How we do it.
Conduct Economic and Social Development Projects for countries without debt.
Show them how to solve their own problems.

Most of the world's countries, outside of China, India, and the Developed Countries, have been left out of global economic development; struggling with massive problems and huge compounding debt.

The Global Institutions (World Bank, IMF, USAID, UN, Paris Club, (about 200) and corporations only leave countries in deeper debt,

Note the recent 2008 Global Financial Crisis still in 2014 impacting most of the world.

1.) Well designed* (tested and proven) IAED Country Projects which empowers their own people and builds problem solving and decision making teams.

* Well designed = Over 50 years of successfully doing this for corporations and governments all over the globe. We have a "proven track record" of outstanding successes.

2.) Provide a free service for UN Ambassadors, Heads of State, Heads of Governments, Foreign Mnisters, and Vice Presidents (only) weekly one-hour UNTV Broadcasts/Webcasts since 1994.

Weekly UN TV & Global TV/Web Broadcasts. Uncut, unedited and uncensored, one-hour (or more) interviews of UN Ambassadors and World Leaders broadcast to the global audience. Now in our 20th year!

24 years IAED!
since 1990


UNTV Broadcasts
World's First UNTV weekly
Broadcasts & Webcasts.

Thanks to our strategic partners...

...and other key partners, and our Global Members.

Focus on the real needs/problems of the Least Developed and Developing Countries.

* We also focus on the key problems of the Developed Countries.

Charitable Projects for Economic Development in countries (USA included).

Most organizations and people are "telling" them to fix their countries" without LISTENING to their real problems and needs; or actually helping them fix their problems.


Ways you can be involved (help) with IAED.

Become a Member of IAED

Become a Member of IAED Management Center

Donate to IAED (Helps maintain our operations and weekly UNTV)

Donate to IAED Projects (Helps countries worldwide, including the USA)

Sponsor our Weekly UN TV Broadcasts/Webcasts. (A great message from the sponsor to all thecountriesof the world.)

Social Corporate Responsibility - Strategic Partnerships

Volunteer your services, expertise and office space.

Partner with us on Country Projects. (Lots of benefits!)

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ForImpact Organization*
ForImpact means we can measure (MBO) our charitable projects actual impact on the recipients (countries). And., we track and account for every penny to maximize our success with our charitable projects. NO paid salaries since 1990.

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