United Nations, Global Conditions & NGOs

    This section seeks to provide information about the the United Nations System and the issues they focus on and their programs.

    There are links to different sites with information which should help our members to conduct sustainable business, economic, and social development in countries worldwide.

    IAED monitors the United Nations activities to better inform IAED’s Members on projects and opportunities for their success.

    When IAED’s Members are successful...Developing Countries become more successful...globalization works...and IAED becomes more Charitable! And, Fair!


The United Nations System

The UNDP: United Nations Development Programme

UN Specialized Agencies and Other International Organizations

Global Conditions (The World's Problems)

The People: The NGOs Network (Non-Governmental Organizations)
Websites about Issues, & Countries

Globalization and the Implications for the
Developing and Least Developed Countries

UN Index


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