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 IAED (since the summer of 1999) has no formal or official status with the UN, nor does it seek any.

IAED was formed in early 1990 (officially registered in 1994) when Dr. Larry T. Gell discovered that there was no truly private sector organization of global business executives associated with the United Nations who also believed in the UN and their goals, would be totally supportive of the UN, and was active with the United Nations in economic development in countries. IAED was missing. The closest thing to IAED is the UNDP but that is a government organization. IAED concentrates on the UN activities and then implements their projects and studies in the countries. IAED does not duplicate UN projects, but selects ones which compliment and enhance the UN efforts. In some cases, implementing a country project in coordination with the UN while the UN is still studying the feasibility of the concept.

IAED's Director-General believes that the single biggest benefactor of the 51 years of the United Nations negotiations, resolutions, international agreements, treaties, conferences and discussions is the transnational corporations and all the other businesses which operate in the global arena. The UN has contributed significantly to the SAFETY and SECURITY which enables these corporations to conduct business in all the countries around the world. In many cases sacrificing their lives in the country next door to the one the transnationals are conducting business as usual in. We also believe that the current policy of withholding money legally owed to the UN, will undermine that safety and security for our corporations by upsetting the countries and the peoples who benefit directly from the UN's programs.

We believe the UN like any organization should seek to reengineer and reorganize itself for efficiency and effectiveness as often as is necessary. We do not believe the UN should be "downsized" - the wholesale dumping of employees - simply to reduce its costs/budget. That works well for corporations trying to attract Wall Street by cutting fixed costs and adjusting their ratios. Boomerangs later, as they have found out when they had to perform in the markets/sales without any experienced people on board. We also believe the UN budget should be many times more than what it is currently (around $3 Billion dollars); Not less!

Experience at the United Nations:

IAED has over a sixteen years experience at the United Nations of "being there", assisting whenever and wherever was possible. Near full time monitoring and studying of the UN.

IAED's Focus is the United Nations System:

IAED is interested in all the activities of the complete United Nations System and bodies. We attempt to be involved with them all.

IAED's Interests are on Global Issues at the UN:

IAED knows you can not have long term sustainable development if you ignore any of these global issues.

Country Projects:

IAED has organized, designed and conducted the first "Global NGO Forum" (interactive Country Project) in Ghana, Africa on the uses of Science and Technology to speed-up the development of a developing country. This program is in demand from other countries in Africa, Asia, former USSR countries and South America.

We are active and recently returned from a one month fact finding mission to North Africa.

About to conduct another "first" in America...stay tuned! Dr. Gell has always been many years ahead of America's official position. First in America to conduct courses on "Doing Business with China" and "Doing Business with Vietnam" in 1977, and many other first programs.


The UN's FIRST - Weekly TV Broadcast of un-cut and un-edited briefings, meetings and other activities showing what Ambassadors, UN officials, global experts and the non-governmental organizations are saying. Now in our twelfth year!

Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General is the only person in the history of the United Nations which has been given official permission to videotape freely inside the United Nations for the past six years (1994-1999). Given permission by Secretary-General, Boutros Boutros-Ghali and the Head of the Department of Public Information. He has gained the confidence of the heads of all the departments and has recorded many official UN events. He has recorded many open and even "closed" meetings at the UN. He has also videotaped many functions for the Missions, typical are: Secretary-General Kofi Annan at the Ambassador of Ghana's Reception, Economic Trade Development missions for the Czech Republic, many functions for the Thailand Mission and Consulate and many many more.

IAED volunteers both the recording and duplication of the tapes as requested. Nearly every "Thursday, Department of Public Information Briefing for the NGO community" have been recorded and a minimum of 2 copies donated to the NGO/DPI Resource Library at the UN for six years.

IAED has recorded and preserved the history of the NGOs activities at the UN along with most of the key issues of concern to the rest of the world. There is now thousands of hours of United Nations videotapes.

In support of the NGOs - Non-Governmental Organizations at the UN:

The above mentioned videotaping and providing duplicates for the "NGO/DPI Resource Library" at the UN is the most significant contribution to the NGOs, but there are many others.

IAED has been active with both EXECOM and CONGO at the UN. Dr. Larry T. Gell has been on the Board of EXECOM. We have contributed thousands of hours in the creation of both web sites and the daily maintenance of EXECOM's site.

IAED believes in all of the NGOs efforts as essential to good governance, leading to a stable and secure society, ripe for economic and social development. The NGOs have a proven track record at the UN for over 50 years as being the true partner of the governments and the UN. They serve as the true conscience of the governments.

IAED's Country Projects are open to other NGOs, and have been attended by many of them. We take this opportunity to thank all of the NGOs who have participated with IAED and look forward to continual partnerships and strategic alliances.

One of the main points of focus for IAED at the United Nations is ECOSOC, The Economic and Social Council. Dr. Larry T. Gell has been in"Category-II Consultative Status" with ECOSOC or affiliated with DPI for ten years.

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