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This is a massive project . . . to database and archive our complete
library, which includes daily videos on UN Meetings covering 1994-1999.
Below is a small sample of the total library.
This library is the only video ever taken "inside" the United Nations since 1945.
Filming was stopped in August 1999, which makes it even more rare historical documentation.

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United Nations, Department of Public Information, “Thursday Briefing” tapes. These videotapes are not official UNITED NATIONS video productions. They have been produced by IAED (International Agency For Economic Development) with permission from UN/DPI. These videotapes are available for loan to IAED Members approved by IAED.

This is a listing of “Thursday Briefing” tapes available videotapes as of 3 October 1996:

| Tape # | Date | Description | Speakers |

61. 3 Oct. 96 “Challenges to Older Peoples Economic Security Around the World”
Mr. Alexandre Sidorenko, M.D.UN Programme on Ageing;
2 Tapes: Ms. Jeane Smith, Chair, NGO Committee on Ageing at UN;
(3:30 hr/min) Ms. Carol Lubin, International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres;
Ms. Susanne Paul, Co-Chair and Moderator, International Day of Older Persons;
Mr. Kevin Kinsella, Social Science Analyst, Centre for International Research Bureau of Census;
Mr. Larry Thompson, Senior Fellow, Urban Institute;
Gilberto Coffi. Confederation of Latin American Workers
Francisco Eduardo de Oliveiro. Rio de Janeiro Social Security Project;
Fred Solowey, Editor of the “Teamster” (International Labor/Unions);
Elmira Nazombe,
(Presentation of Governor Pataki’s Declaration of Oct. 1, 1996 to be the
“International Day of Older Persons”)

60. 26 Sept 96 “Issues before the 51st Session of the General Assembly”
Mr. Vadim Perfiliev, Director, General Assembly Affairs Division;
Mr. Abdur Razzaque Khan, Special Political and Decolonization Committee;
Ms. Margaret A. Kelley, Second Committee;
Ms. Kate Starr Newell, Third Committee;
Mr. Joseph V. Acakpo-Satchivi, FifthCommittee;
Mr. Roy Lee, Sixth Committee.

59. 13 June 96 “World Food Summit – Rome, November 1996”
Mr. Boubacar Toure, FAO Representative to the United Nations
Ms. Frances Vieta, Consultant, World Food Summit Secretariat, FAO

58. 6 June 96 “In commemoration of International Day to Combat Desertification and Drought (17 June)”
Ms. Sissel Ekaas, Deputy Director, Office to Combat Desertification and Drought, UNDP
Ms. Angela Cropper, Senior Adviser, Environment and Development, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, UNDP

57. 30 May 96 “International Conference on Migration”
Mr. Werner Blatter, Director a.i., United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, New York

56. 23 May 96 “The Fourth Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development: A Wrap up report”
Mr. Andrey Vasilyev, Special Assiatant to the Director, UN Division for Sustainable Development

55. 16 May 96 “Towards a Greater Respect for Human Rights of Children”
Ms. P. Quisumbing, Special Representative, the High Commissioner for Human Rights
and Chief, UN Centre for Human Rights, NY
Ms. Teresa Albanez, Special Adviser on Children’s Rights, UNICEF
Ms. Maureen Cogan, Vice-Chairperson,Children's Defense Fund; and
Co-Chair, Strand for Children, New York

54. 9 May 96 “Inhumane Weapons Review Conference: Land Mines Protocol”
H. E. Karl Inderfurth, Alternate Representative for Special Political Affairs,
US Mission to the UN
Jorg Wimmers, Mine Clearence Unit, UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs
Jim Wurst, Editor, Disarmament Times
Steve Goose, Human Rights Watch
Pauline Cantwell, Peace Action

53. 2 May 96 “The Fiftieth Session of the General Assembly”
Professor Diogo Freitas do Amaral, President of the 50th Session of the General Assembly.

52. 25 Apr 96 “The Tenth Anniversary of Chernobyl”
2 Tapes) Joseph Rotblat, 1995 Nobel Peace Laureate
3:00 hr./min H. E.. Anatoli M. Zlenko, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN
Dr. Joane Fox-Prezworski, Director, UNEP-Regional Office of North America.
Dr. B. Andemicael, Director International Atomic Energy Agency, New York Office
H. E. Alyaksandr Sychou, Permanent Representative of Belarus to the UN

“Nuclear Disarmament Moving Toward Zero”
Douglas Roche, former Canadian Disarmament Ambassador (Chair)
Members of the Australian Commision, Abolition 2000 Network and representatives of the Mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

51. 18 Apr 96 “The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD”
Mr. Georg Kell, Officer-in-Charge, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development,
New York Office

50. 11 Apr 96 “Commission on the Status of Women– A wrap-up report on the Fortieth Session”
Mr. John Mathiason, Assistant Director UN Division for the Advancement of Women
Ms. Ann Walker, Executive Director, International Woman’s Tribune Centre

49. 4 Apr 96 “World Health Day, 1996: Healthy Cities for Better Life”
Dr. Andrew Joseph, Director, New York Office of the World Health Organization (WHO)

48. 28 Mar 96 “A Special Initiative on Africa”
Mr. Daouda Toure, Senior Economist, Secretariat of the Special Initiative on Africa, UNDP

47. 21 Mar 96 “In Commemoration of International Water Day, 1996: Water for Thirsty Cities”
Mr. Stephen Schlesinger, Special Advisor to
Dr. Wally N’Dow, Secretary-General of HABITAT II.

46. 14 Mar 96 “The United Nations Financial Situation”
Susan R. Mills, Director, Financial Management Office, UN Department of
Administration and Management

45. 7 Mar 96 “DPI’s Commemoration of International Woman’s Day 1996: Celebrating the Past, Planning for the Future”
Rosario Green, Assistant Secretary-General, Senior-Adviser to the
Secretary-General on Gender Issues.
Robin Morgan, Author and feminist activist.
Angela King, Director, United Nations Division for the Advancement of Woman.
J. Nozipo Maraire of Zimbabwe, Writer, Author of “Zenzele: A Letter for My Daughter”
Samir Sanbar, Assistant Secretary-General, Department of Public Information (Moderator)

44. 29 Feb 96 “The United Nations Office of Project Services (UNOPS)”
Mr.Reinhart Helmke,Assistant Administrator
and Executive Director, UNOPS

43. 22 Feb 96 “The current role of the United Nations in the Former Yugoslavia”
Fred Eckhard, Principal Officer, Department of Peace Keeping Operations.
Col. Peter Leentjes, Chief, Training Unit, Department of Peace Keeping Operations.

42. 15 Feb 96 “General Review of Arrangements for consultations with non-governmental organizations: An update on the January meeting of the Intergovernmental working group.”
Mr. Mohammad Masood Khan, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Pakistan
to the United Nations.
Ms. Annabelle Wiener, Representative , World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA)

41. 1 Feb 96 “Habitat II - PrepCom III Conference Briefing”
Conf room 4 - DPI/NGO and CONGO

40. 25 Jan 96 “United Nations Peace Keeping Operations:
Towards a Rapid Reaction Capability for the United Nations.”

Colonel Mike Snell, Adviser, The Canadian Mission to the United States

39. 17 Jan 96 “Poverty Clock Ceremony to Mark the
International Year for the Eradication of Poverty (1996)”

– Mr. James Gustave Speth, UNDP Administrator
+ plus. . .

39B.18 Jan 96 “The International Year for the Eradication of Poverty (1996)”
Ms. Hilda Paqui, Chief NGO Liaison and Constituency Relations Branch,
UNDP’s Division for Public Affairs
Ms Betty Bangira, Zimbabwe
Mr. Luis Ticona Mamani, Bolivia

38. 11 Jan 96 “The Global Problems of Landmines: A Unique Screening of the Documentary “Silent Sentinels - Cowards War”, followed by Panel Discussions.” –
Mr. David Feingold, Director and Co-producer of the film.
Mr. Peter Hansen, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs.
Ms. Carolyn Taylor, Deputy Chief, Mine Clearance Policy Unit,
UN Dept. of Humanitarian Affairs.
Mr. David Bassiouni, Senior Policy Advisor, UNICEF, Office of Emergency Programmes
Ms. Ariane Sand-Trigo, Landmine expert, ICRC.

37. 14 Dec 95 “Report of the 1995 Benchmark Survey of International NGOs,
(2 Tapes) Commissioned by the Royal Ministry, Foreign Affairs of Norway”

(A & B) Mr. Gordon Klopf, Chair, NGO/DPI Executive Committee
Ms. Riva Kurt, Director, Benchmark Environmental Consulting

36. 7 Dec 95 “In Commemoration of the International Day of Disabled Person (3 December).”
(2 Tapes) Mr. Mamadou Barry, Director of Disabled Persons
(A & B) A Message from Secretary-General, Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Mr. Mark Leeds, Director, NYC Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities

35. 30 Nov 95 “Role of Major Groups in the Implementation of Agenda 21.”
Ms. Zehra Aydin, Focal Point for Major Groups, Division for Sustainable Development

34. 16 Nov 95 “Public Administration and Social Development: A Follow-up to the Social Summit.”
Mr. Guido Bertucci, Director, Division of Public Administration and
Development Management, UN

33. 9 Nov 95 “Ageing in the 21st Century: Challenges”
(In collaboration with the NGO Committee on Ageing)
Introductory speakers:
Ms. Leona Forman, Chief of NGO Section, DPI
Ms. Rosario Green, Assistant Secretary-General, Senior Advisor to the Secretary- General
Ms. Jeane Smith, Chair , NGO Committee on Ageing at the UN
Ms. Gillian Sorensen, USG 50th Anniversary Secretariat
Dr. Alexander Sidorenko, UN Programme on Ageing

Panel Discussion:
Dr. Celia B. Weisman, Moderator
Robert N. Butler, M.D., Mount Sinai Medical Centre
Dr. Tarek Shuman, San Diego State University
Ms. Bel Kaufman, Playwright, “Up the Down Staircase”
International Panel of Respondents:
Blanche Saia, MSW, Moderator

32. 2 Nov 95 “UNEP and the vital role of non-governmental organizations.”
Ms. Joanne Fox-Przeworski, Director, Regional Office for North America, United Nations Environment Programme.

31. 26 Oct 95 “The Commonwealth Association”
Mrs. A. Missouri Sherman-Peter, Assistant Director, Political Affairs Division, Commonwealth Secretariat

30. 26 Oct 95 “In the context of Disarmament Week 1995: Nuclear Test Ban Negotiations : Progress Report.”
Mr. Sohrab Kheradi, Moderator- Deputy Director, Centre for Disarmament Affairs, Department of Political Affairs, United Nations
Amb. Ludwik Dembinski, Chair, Negotiating Committee
Amb. Lars Norberg, Chair, Working Group on Verification
Amb. Jaap Ramaker, Chair, Legal and Institutional Working Group
Amb. Stephen Ledogar, United States
Amb. Richard Starr, Australia
Amb. Joelle Bourgois of France

29. 19 Oct 95 “Activities of the Office of the Internal Oversight Services of the United Nations”
Mr. Karl Paschke, Under-Secretary-General, Office of the Internal Oversight Services of the United Nations.

28. 12 Oct 95 “In Commemoration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty”
Mr. Ralph Chipman, Senior Social Affairs Officer, Department of Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development.

27. 28 Sept 95 “50th Session of the General Assembly”
Mr. Vadim Perfiliev, Director, General Assembly Affairs Division, Dept. of Political Affairs.
Other speakers (in order of speaking): Ms. M. Kelly (2nd Committee), Ms. K. Newell (3rd Committee), Mr. M. Sattar (1st Committee), Mr. O. Mustafa (4th Committee), Mr. Y. Acakpo-Satchiui (5th Committee), Mr. V. Perfiliev (6th Committee).

26. 8 Jun 95 “In Commemoration of The Fiftieth Anniversary of the United Nations Charter”
H. E. Mr. Nalin Surie, Deputy Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations & Chairman, the United Nations Committee on the Charter.

25. 1 Jun 95 “International Conference on Mine Clearance (Geneva, July 1995)”
Mr. David Gowdey, Deputy Chief, Mine Clearance and Policy Unit, Department of Humanitarian Affairs.

24. 25 May 95 “The Open-ended Review on Consultation with Non-Governmental Organizations”
H.E. Mr. Ahmad Kamal, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to The United Nations.
Chairman, Open-ended Working Group on Consultations with NGOs.

23. 18 May 95 “1996 United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (HABITAT II), Istanbul, Turkey, June 1996”
Dr. Wally N’Dow, Secretary-General,
The United Nations Conference on Human Settlements. (HABITAT II)

22. 11 May 95 “Commemoration of the Day of the African Child”
Mr. David Bassiouni, Senior Policy Adviser,
Office of Emergency Programmes, UNICEF
Mr. Robert Brennan, Senior Public Affairs Officer,
Division of Public Affairs, UNICEF

21. 4 May 95 “UN War Crimes Tribunal”
Ms. Daphna Shraga, Legal Officer, General Legal Division,
Office of Legal Affairs, United Nations

20. 27 Apr 95 “The United Nations at Fifty”
Ms. Gillian M. Sorensen, Under-Secretary-General, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General for Public Policy
Secretariat of the United Nations Fiftieth Anniversary

19. 20 Apr 95 “Follow-up to the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development” - (RIO-Agenda 21 & CSD) –
Ms. Joke Waller-Hunter, Director, Division for Sustainable Development
Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development

18. 13 Apr 95 “The Relationship Between the UN Secretariat and the NGOs.”
Ms. Rosario Green, Special Advisor to the Secretary-General
Executive Office of the Secretary-General

17. 6 Apr 95 “The World Summit for Social Development: An Update.”
Ms. Susan Markham, Chief, Development & Human Rights Section
Department of Public Information, UN

16. 30 Mar 95 Report on: “An Agenda For Development 1995”
Mr. Mourad Wahba, Senior Officer,
Office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations

15. 23 Mar 95 “The Role of the United Nations in the Former Yugoslavia” –
Mr. Peter Schmitz, Political Affairs Officer, Department of Peace- keeping Operations, United Nations

14. 16 Mar 95 “The Russian Federation and the United Nations Peace-Keeping Operations”
His Excellency Mr. Sergei V. Lavrov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Russian Federation

13. 9 Mar 95 “The Ninth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime an the Treatment of Offenders”
Mr. Tim Wall, Information Officer, Development and Human Rights Section, Department of Public Information

12. 2 Mar 95 “In Commemoration of International Women’s Day” – Speakers:
(1) Ms. Gertrude Mongella, Secretary-General The United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women.
(2) Ambassador Lucille Mair, Secretary-General The United Nations 1980 Conference on Women.
(3) Ms. Cynthia Eyakuze,
(4) Mr. Aaron Knight, (both young Participants in the Fourth Consultations, FWCW),
(5) Mr. Mian Qadrud-Din, UN Department of Public Information.

11. 23 Feb 95 “In Commemoration of the International Year of Tolerance” – Mrs. Helen Gosselin, Director, Office of Public Information of UNESCO, Paris.

10. 16 Feb 95 “The 1995 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)”
Ms. Hannelore Hoppe, Political Affairs Officer, Centre for Disarmament Affairs.

9. 9 Feb 95 “Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Development Activities”
Mr. Thierry Lemaresquier, Director, Social Development, Poverty Elimination Division, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

8. 2 Feb 95 “World Summit on Social Development”
Mr. Ismat Kittani, Under Secretary-General, Special Advisor to the Secretary- General of the United Nations.

7. 26 Jan 95 “Status of United Nations High Commission on Refugees”
Mr. Soren Jessen-Petersen, Director, UNHCR Liaison Office to the United Nations Headquarters.

6. 19 Jan 95 “United Nations Agenda for the Development in Africa in 1990s” – Mr. Salim Lone, Editor-in-Chief, Africa Recovery Magazine, Department of Public Information.

5. 15 Dec 94 “Status in Haiti”
H.E. Ambassador Fritz Longchamp, Permanent Representative of Haiti to the United Nations.

4. 8 Dec 94 “Palestinian Economic Development: The Role of the United Nations”
Mr. Francis Dubois, Senior Programme Adviser, Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People, UNDP.

3. 1 Dec 94 In Commemoration of World AIDS Day 1994 Under the Theme: “AIDS AND THE FAMILY”
- Speakers: (1) Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders, M.D., Former U.S. Surgeon General.
(2) Dr. Sandra Anderson, Scientist, WHO Global Programme on AIDS.
(3) Joey di Paolo, a 15 year-old, who is HIV Positive.
(4) Mrs. Carol de Paolo, Joey’s mother.
(5) Reverend Philippa Turner, Chaplain, New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center.

2. 10 Nov 94 Status on the “Decade of Disabled Persons”
Mr. Mamadou Barry, Chief of Division of Disabled Persons Unit,
Social Policy & Development Division of the United Nations.

1. 3 Nov 94 “Status of Women”
Madame Martha Duenas-Losa, Officer-in-Charge, United Nations International Research & Training Institute for the Advancement of Women, INSTRAW.


Notice: There are additional videotapes on other UN meetings, produced by IAED, available (other than “Thursday DPI/NGO Briefing‘s”).

And, there are UN videotapes through 2000. Stay tuned for the databases being prepared.

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