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We welcome Letters from our Guests (UN Ambassadors and UN Officials) . We get many letters, here are a few...

"If you really want to fix your country, get Dr. Larry T. Gell. He did more for my country than the United Nations has done since 1945."
"In fact, he ran his country project for Ghana in 1994 and here we are in 1999, and I can say it is still working!"
This statement was made and recorded in the UN ECOSOC Chamber in front of all the UN Ambassadors by the current Mayor of Accra, Ghana in 1999.

The President of Uganda and the government of Uganda sent the following letter offering me the whole 9th floor of the Uganda UN Mission for IAED.
Including all services needed. And, asking me to come to Uganda to run the project we did for Ghana.

"I am going to ask Secretary-General Kofi Annan to hold a special meeting of the UN to recognize you for your totally charitable contribution to the United Nations of videotaping and recording UN Conferences and meetings from 1994 thru 1999." - August 1999
"We are working on a massive project to write the history of the United Nations and you are the only person who has been able to video tape many UN meetings. We will be requesting your assistance and your unique UN Videotape Library."
- Mr. Richard Jolly (Author of the UN's "Human Development Report" during Mr. Speth's Leadership of the UNDP

For the Record: It never happened. In fact, Secretary-Genral Kofi Annan pulled the UN Pass of Dr. Larry T. Gell and Stopped the videotaping of UN Meetings in August 1999. Proving he (Kofi Annan) is not for an "Open and Transparent" United Nations.

UN Ambassadors asked Dr. Gell to switch the UN TV Broadcasts/Webcasts to exclusive interviews of UN Ambassadors.

Mr. Richard Jolly, Publisher of UNDP's
"Human Development Report"

Hillary Rodham Clinton
First Lady of the U.S.A.
Speech inside the United Nations

H.E. Mr. Mokhtar Lamani
Ambassador, Permanent Observer of the Mission
of the OIC Organization of the Islamic Conference
to the United Nations (18 November 2005)

letter soon

H.E. Mr. Enkhsaikhan Jargalsaikhany
Ambassador, Permanent Mission
of Mongolia to the United Nations (18 November 2005)

letter soon

Hsiu-lien Annette Lu, Vice President of Taiwan
and Dr. Larry T. Gell, IAED

For the Vice President, Mr. Douglas Chen,
Counselor to the Vice President of Republic of China, Taiwan
Office of the Vice President of Taiwan
(15 September 2001)

letter soon

Weekly one-hour UN TV Broadcasts/Webcasts of UN Ambassadors.

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"Against All Odds!"

* We also had some harassment and letters from the current (2004/5) United Nations Legal Department. See UN Legal Department. They (pushed by some governments?) do not want all of the United Nations Ambassadors to have a weekly one-hour TV platform which is un-cut and un-edited for them to discuss The Global Issues "inside" the UN and their countries. All we can say is that all large organizations are full of people who are promoted to their level of incompetence ("The Peter Principle.") The past head of the UN Legal Department was a personal friend (truly missed) of IAED and Dr. Larry T. Gell. He was very aware of our six year UN TV programs and videotaping "inside" the UN from 1994 to 1999 when Secretary-General Kofi Annan stopped the program of filming UN Meetings in progress (1994-1999) in August 1999... Proving he is NOT for an "open and transparent" UN to solve The Global Issues. In spite of Kofi Annan's action; the UN Ambassadors have requested we continue our weekly UN TV broadcasts/webcasts from August 1999 till today. We probably should name our UN TV Program, "Against All Odds!" We find the UN Legal Harassment disgusting; and a good example of how one part of the UN does not know what the other arm is doing even when they are in the same department.

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