Unique* Opportunity to Sponsor

High Visibility Global Projects...

Videotaping of UN Ambassadors,
UN Department Heads,
UN Organizations Heads,
Heads of Governments, Heads of States
and Foreign Ministers.

All discussing the Global Issues,
Global Problems,
Global Challenges, and
Global Opportunities
for businesses.

UN TV Broadcasts with Simultaneous Webcasts . . . Now in our16th year!

Please help. We need Sponsors for UN TV filming of UN Ambassadors, UN Departmen/Organizations Heads, and Head of Governments, Heads of States, and Foreign Ministers to discuss the Global Issues.
Contact us immediately if you are willing to help.

It is a small investment to cover minimum expenses for the video filming of World's Leaders discussing the World’s greatest challenges, problems and opportunities.

It is estimated that the next World War may be fought over water and food. And there are some 70 wars currently under way, with 95% of the casualties being women and children. While the developed worlds economies are reporting booming times in stock markets, business takeovers, mergers, global business expansion, creation of low-paying no-benefits jobs, wealth is compounding, rich getting richer, poor poorer, and the marginalization of the middle class. All the other conditions throughout the world are spiraling out of control; Getting worse due to the cuts in social programs and the massive "globalization" and "structural adjustments" under way, even within our developed economies. What are the real potential threats and opportunities?

People organizations are questioning whether businesses have a conscious. This would give your organization a "positive image" along with demonstrating that you are sensitive to the peoples issues and the concerns of the countries you conduct business in.

Some of these United Nations meetings are "CLOSED" to the outside world, your sponsorship will be the highest positive exposure you could benefit from. And you could benefit from "insider" and firsthand information.

If you would like to contribute, Please call us. There are many benefits you will enjoy from this contribution. We will be happy to inform you of the details if you call us. Thank you.


The Global Issues”

The worlds First Weekly UN TV Broadcasts of actual
Meetings, Briefings, and Interviews of Ambassadors, Heads of Governments,
Heads of States and Foreign Ministers, Heads of UN Departments/Organizations...
all from"inside" the UN system... ever shown in America, and video web streamed worldwide.

Now in our16th year!

We are looking for a few Sponsors for this unique first in America UN TV show. The Weekly UN TV Broadcasts have been running since 1996. We also produce "Specials" on “INSIDE THE UNITED NATIONS: The Global Issues.”

For more details of these TV programs go to IAED's Television section.

If you would be interested in being our Sponsor for this unique first in America Weekly TV Series, please contact us directly.

* Unigue because you can not find this opportunity any place in the world. No major media TV Brodcasting company can do this; Or has done it for the past 10 years.

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