Weekly UN TV Sponsor Benefits

Our Weekly UN TV Broadcasts/Webcasts our now in our18th year!

Why should I invest in a sponsorship? | What is in it for me? | How do I benefit? | Who is watching?

It is the least expensive and best investment
you can make for your company's image in the world of TV/Web Broadcasts.

Return on Investment.
You get real measurable results. IAED has a "proven track record" of successful projects since 1990. We allow our corporate sponsors to monitor, and be involved, with all our activities.

Fraction of the cost of TV ads.
(2.5 Million dollars for one-half of a minute on one Super Bowl = once a year!)

Contact us to see how you can get weekly measurable results for a fraction of a TV ad cost.

Global exposure.
IAED makes sure our UN TV Broadcasts/Webcasts are on broadcast servers worldwide. Guaranteeing anybody, in any country, can see the webcasts.

Showcase your company and products/services worldwide every week.

Positive image for your company.
This is an opportunity to stand out from the "negative images" that some corporations project to many of the countries they do business in world.

It is an opportunity to deliver the message: "I care about your country."

Social Responsibility/Parnerships
America and many of our corporations do not have a very positive "track record" in the international world. Here is a highly visible way to change that.

UN Ambassadors are our neighbors:
They are our "diplomatic guests" in our community and country.

You can help UN countries to develop.
IAED has been conducting effective and efficient Charitable Projects for country economic development since 1990.

Partner (Strategic Alliance) with IAED (See benefits.)

Collaborate on IAED Projects in countries (including the USA.)
Guarantee a positive, high visibility image for your company.
Especially if you are doing business in one or more of their countries.

Sponsorship automatically makes your a Member of IAED (See benefits.)

Educate yourself on the "real" Global Issues from the people who run the worlds countries. Your alternative is to listen to the so-called "experts" on TV who are usually some professor sitting on some campus, making assumptions about countries, writing books, and teaching kids. Your choice! Life is full of choices . . . Want to know what is really going on in the world you do business in?

Weekly Audience Exposure...

Look Who is Watching:

United Nations System:

New York,



UN Ambassadors,

UN Organizations Heads,

UN Department Heads


UN NYC Headquarters
UN Geneva
UN Vienna

192 UN Countries and their Leaders:

Heads of Countries

Heads of States

Foreign Ministers

International Diplomatic Community:

Washington, DC and Worldwide

New York City, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island.

*Expanding to Cable TV Systems in major USA Cities.

World Wide Web Broadcasts:

Global Coverage: Potential to reach 6 Billion people.

We have been contacted by CNN, and as far away as South Africa Broadcasting, China, South Korea, and Taiwan TV stations.

People Worldwide, on their computers, over the Internet.
IAED Weekly UN TV Broadcasts/Webcasts

Global Media/News Organizations

A few who have contacted us.


USA and International

Many smart international businesses are watching carefully.

International Universities

International Schools of Diplomacy
International Schools of Business

... from England to China.

Some actually use the broadcasts for teaching assignments.

World Wide NGO Community
Non Governmental Organizations

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