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Recorded: October 3, 2008
Aired: October 9, 2008

"Discussion on the Global Economic Crisis"

Dr. Larry T. Gell is a world recognized outstanding professional speaker in high demand for corporate annual meetings on Global Strategy, Geopolitical and Geostrategic Risk & Opportunities, International Management, Controlling your Business, Marketing, and Sales, and other executive management topics for nearly fifty years.

He consults to the top managements of the worlds largest corporations, governments, and military around the globe. His forty plus years has been spent solving business problems for Chairmen, CEO's, COO's, President's, General Manager's and Vice Presidents, in nearly every industry, and in almost every country of the world. His successful assignments are some of America's great corporate success stories, domestic and international. His assignments for governments has changed the course of events of history.

He has delivered thousands of speeches and trained thousands of executives in the management and control of their businesses in countries around the globe.

He founded Gell Associates Inc. in 1960, and Gell International Group in Hong Kong in 1970. Both are international executive management consulting firms.

He is also the founder and Director-General of IAED - International Agency for Economic Development. Founded in 1990. IAED is a United Nations focused organization that monitors Global Strategy as practiced by all the 192 member countries at the United Nations; and the Bretton Woods Organizations (IMF-WTO-WB). He has been studying the UN and global strategy from the "inside." He has been active in the Middle East and Africa since 1990 with IAED in charitable sustainable development projects. If you want to know what is really going on at the United Nations and how their activities do impact your companies and investments in the global Dr. Larry T. Gell.

Dr. Larry T. Gell will make crystal clear what is happening in the global markets. What is behind the Globalization and "The New World Order," where the great opportunities are and where the potential disasters lie. He is a dynamic and riveting speaker that makes you think. While most Ph.D.s have been busy writing books and teaching on a campus; Dr. Gell has been busy piling it higher and deeper in the real world of experience; accumulating years of wisdom and years of international experience along with a proven "track record" of successes.

His insights into the United Nations and current Global Strategy will fascinate you. "Astounding!!" "Connects-the-dots." Want to know what the Asian Crisis was all about? Who wins and who looses? For the past twelve years, he has been interviewing Ambassadors, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers for his weekly one-hour United Nations TV show.

He has consistently been forecasting the stock market climb since it was at 400. A few years back, in his IAED International Newsletter, he forecasted the stock market to go to 10,000 and soon to 15,000 (barring no "great" reversal (backlash) would have made it there except... 911, President Bush, Iraq, oil and Islam altered that rise and has slowed Globalization, adding tremendous risks for businesses and countries.) He did that when the market was below 6,000 based on USA Globalization/Structural Adjustment Policy to tie the whole world into the global stock markets. He predicted the downturn of the market with the election President G. W. Bush and the Republican build up. PS: He predicted Mr. G. W. Bush in the President's office long before the elections; and during the November to December debates following Nov. 2. election he told everyone Bush would be in the Presidency. He told Kerry why he would not be elected long before his run for the Presidency. Also, of the massive build-up of hatred towards America. And a coming "blow-back" against the USA. before 911. What is behind the confidence, insights, and what are the risks and opportunities to your businesses and countries?

Dr. Gell designed and conducted the first courses in America on, "Doing Business with China" and "Doing Business with Vietnam" in 1977. And many more similar "a head of the curve" activities for the past 48+ years.

In April 1999 he said, "the oil prices would rise steadily until the consumers recognized it in the Winter of 1999." Then in April of 2000 he said, "the oil prices would continue to stay UP." Guess what he is saying about the next five years? What are the global implications to our businesses of the current USA Government policies (2002). What are the global implications for other countries.

Yes, the economy will "magically" slow down now (July 2000) into 2001 and beyond. The shift to watch is "out of stocks" and "into bonds" and "gold." But, what is behind this move and who benefits? Where will all of Americas money shift to? And Why?

He believes we are changing all of civilization and the implications will impact everyone and every business in every country. Your survival will depend on your early insights into the real changes, contingencies, dependencies, risks and your preparedness. Your ability to be ahead of the rapid shifts, and your ability to "manage" the constant changes.

What is the greatest single threat to our corporations? What are the many new growing (threats) now? What/Who/Where are they? Can you "manage" your businesses after rapid change to your business? Example: the "free (market) money" stopped flowing to the new start up dot.coms? The (Nov. 2000) impact on corporations (especially dot.coms) and their financial CEO executives was bankruptcy, and the firing of top management.. To stimulate globalization and economic build-up in the U.S.A. the government has been "looking the other way" on corporate financial management; downsizing the federal government means reducing or eliminating the overseers of businesses at the federal level: there continues to be consequences.

The drive for globalization means fantastic opportunities, challenges, rapid change, unforeseen competition, high failure rates, surprises. Will you survive? This is the "Age of Discontinuity!"

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