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    All programs are held in New York City in one or more of the following Luxury Hotels or Conference Centers.

    IAED announces a new series of "Senior Executive Management Conferences, Seminars and Briefings"

    IAED "CEO FORUM" (2-Days)

    IAED "INSIDE THE UNITED NATIONS: The Global Issues" (3-Days)

    IAED "Geopolitical - Geostrategic Strategy" (1-day)

    IAED "Executive Management Course on Global Marketing & Sales" (4.5-days)

    IAED "Global Economic & Social Development" (2-day)


    IAED "CEO FORUM" (2-Days)

    For senior management only: CEO's.

    Executive briefing from 14 years "inside" the United Nations studying USA Foreign Policy, the impacts on UN Countries worldwide. Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations responses.

    Geopolitical and Geostrategic impacts above and beyond 9/11 and global terrorism. What really is 9/11, and the current terrorism focused on the USA all about? Thinking we understand it and not responding, has already cost us the first devastating attack on the USA homeland. Is this a war to be won with the military? Or, is something else needed worldwide?

    People's organizations and global movements: Their impacts on your global businesses.

    What do the governments really think about us, even in the countries where we are doing business now.

    Has Globalization got ahead of Economic and Social Development for most of the World's countries? What can we do about it?

    Global Contingencies, Dependencies and Risks Analysis: Rethinking our businesses.

    How we can take back the moral high ground. A Strategic Global Plan.

    To register for this conference contact: Director-General, IAED

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    IAED "INSIDE THE UNITED NATIONS: The Global Issues" (3-Days)

    Piercing the "Veil of Secrecy" at the United Nations. There must be some reason why the United Nations has never been open and transparent to the worlds TV Broadcasting and Worldwide Webcasting. Secretary-General Boutros-Boutros Ghali opened it up for six years, and SG Kofi Annan shut it down after two years in office (1999). What's that all about?

    What every executive should know about the United Nations, and was never told. Can it hurt your business?

    Is the world jealous of our democracy and human rights? Or, is there a different focus on the USA?

    Is it just Al-Qaeda? Or, the whole Arab, Islamic World? Or, is it bigger than that? Why do they keep killing us in Iraq and elsewhere? Don't they know we want to bring them "Freedom and Democracy?"

    Do we have as many "friends' as we think we have?

    Can the Arab Islamic problem mushroom? Can we do something about all this before it "Blows Back" in our face worldwide?

    What about our current huge strategic investments in China and India? What is China and India thinking, and doing?

    Can the understanding of, or lack of knowledge of the United Nations, and how the countries think about us impact your Global Corporate Strategy? Our Global Businesses, Production, Global Sales and Marketing efforts? Even our personal safety?

    What was the US Government focused on at the UN before 9/11? Can that knowledge still change your corporations future?

    Why your global business success and failure will depend on your "insider" UN knowledge. Does the UN sanitize their own information? Can that effect your global businesses?

    Are there any inexpensive solutions to many of the world's growing problems?

    Plenty of time to discuss your thoughts, questions, concerns, and global plans.

    This program for senior executives is a mind stretching, stimulating, global "rules-of-the-game" eye opener, which can change you company and your life!

    To register for this conference contact: Director-General, IAED

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    IAED "Geopolitical & Geostrategic Strategies" (1-day)

    What are the key Global Issues (Problems and Challenges) which are shaping our world, and will impact our businesses in the very near future? Who is doing the "shaping"?

    Iraq? Want to understand what it is really all about?

    How is the United Nations affecting your businesses?

    China, India, Russia and energy. Taiwan, Africa, Cuba, Latin America, South America and African Strategic Alliances. Who is doing economic and social development while we are busy in China and India? What opportunities and future challenges will we have to address? How is it impacting your businesses right now?

    Contingencies, Dependencies and Risks Analysis tailored to your businesses around the world.

    To register for this briefing contact: Director-General, IAED

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    IAED "Executive Management Course on Global Marketing & Sales" (4.5-days)

    Dr. Gell's famous and highly rated "Executive Management Course" he conducted for the 13.5 years (1970-1984) on competing with Japan and controlling our corporations with effective and efficient management insights, the "rules" of business. He will share his insights from over forty years top level consulting to and fixing major global business problems for the worlds largest corporations all over the globe.

    The "Rules" of all successful businesses. Either you follow the "rules" and win, or you don't know the "rules" and you lose!

    What every Vice President of Marketing & Sales and Vice President of International Business needs to know to control his/her markets Worldwide. Either you are in control or someone else is! What your CEO should tell you; if he/she knows?

    What the Graduate Business Schools should teach you about business. We guarantee they don't! And, it can kill you in business.

    What is happening "inside" the United Nations and in the countries where you are doing business, that can and will impact your businesses. Some eye opening immediate real world case studies which have recently cost American businesses hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Is America's Foreign Policy helping or hurting your business? How does it work? Who does what? To whom? And, more importantly; How does it impact your business?

    Shocking insights into American businesses new competitors. Who are they and what are their strategies.

    A no nonsense executive business course that will leave you in-control or understanding why you might be out-of-control, and just what to do about it.

    Dr. Gell has built a reputation of challenging the whole classroom with stimulating insights and useful "rules" to help you get back in-control. He has been there, done that!

    To register for this seminar contact: Director-General, IAED

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    IAED "Globalization Opportunities & Threats" (2-day)

    The Meaning of 9/11. Where did it really come from? How big is it?

    The only thing you can be sure you know... is what you do not know!

    Globalization, World Trade Organization, World Bank, IMF, Structural Adjustments, Free Markets, Market Driven Economy, Privatization of global businesses, China, India, Global Debt. Ordering a "New World Economic System?" Or setting the stage for world wide backlash and "blowback"?

    Non-Governmental Organizations and their growing ability to shut down companies (ENRON-India) and change governments (ICC) International Criminal Court-Rome.

    Opportunities and Threats to your businesses, and what you can do about it.

    Your inputs: Thoughts and discussions.

    A Plan for Action

    To register for this seminar contact: Director-General, IAED

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    IAED "Global Economic & Social Development" (2-day)

    Can we continue to ignore Global Economic and Social Development for the Arab and Islamic countries? All of Africa, Latin and South America?

    What are the issues, challenges and opportunities for us?

    What are our global partners and competitors doing right now?

    Can we rely on the United Nations to do the job? How have they done so far? Are they helping or causing more problems? Just how do they work to help or cause us big problems. What works and does not work at the UN? Can we make an impact on the UN's effectiveness or should we do something different?

    What are our risks of neglect for the rest of the worlds countries, as we pour more money, jobs and technology into China and India?

    What can we do now? Is it going to cost us a lot of money? How much? Is there a better way? More effective and more efficient for less money?

    Global Contingencies, Dependencies and Risks Analysis: Rethinking our global business strategy.

    To register for this conference contact: Director-General, IAED

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    We are currently considering some new programs and we will consider any ideas you might have. Contact us directly at IAED.

    If your company is interested in conducting joint pograms/seminars/briefings with IAED for top executive management, contact us directly at IAED.

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    We can provide you with up-to-date insights into any UN country. We can also solve problems in countries where you are conducting business or thinking about investing. We have over 40+ years of successful consulting assignments worldwide.

    For more information and details contact: Director-General, IAED

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    We can tailor a specific program or briefing for your companies unique needs and executive development. Don't waste time and money on "canned" programs for your management. No two companies, markets, problems and opportunities are the same... they all need analysis and tailoring to be able to achieve a measurable impact. We do not conduct a program without pre-meetings and custom tailoring to fit your specific needs and goals. Most important to you... we have over forty plus successful years of experience presenting highly effective programs and keynote speeches for top executive management, marketing and sales professionals.

    Have you read the latest book on the key to executive management or motivation lately? Don't bother! The reason they keep writing those books is because none of them work! What works? What is success? Can you achieve it? Remember Tom Peters first book on "Excellence" and how you can achieve it. Well, did you read his second book... and his first sentence, "There is no such thing as excellence." What's that all about? You had better know!

    For more information and details contact: Director-General, IAED

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    Over forty years plus solving problems for the worlds largest corporations in almost every country around the globe. Focused on Executive Management and Control of their businesses. Global Management, Marketing and Sales Consulting. Problem Solving and Decision Making Team Building Strategies for Success.

    For more information and details contact: Director-General, IAED

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    Programs held in New York City in one or more of the following luxury hotels, conference centers, or at our special executive retreat "The Castle" at the Lamont Estate in Ossining, New York:

    American Conference Centers

    The Palace Hotel

    The Peninsula Hotel

    The Pierre Hotel

    The Plaza Hotel

    The Ritz-Carlton

    The St. Regis

    The Sherry-Netherland

    The Castle - Ossining, New York

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    Seminar Leader: Dr. Larry T. Gell

    Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General of IAED (1990), and founder of Gell Associates & Co., Inc. (1960), and Gell International Group (1970), will chair these new executive briefings. He has been a consultant to top executive management of corporations, military, and governments throughout the world since 1960. He has conducted hundreds of top executive briefings. Since 1990, Dr. Gell has been "inside" the United Nations studying global strategy (geopolitical and geostrategic strategy) and the impact on the businesses world wide. He is considered a "Sales & Marketing genius" by his corporation clients. His successful consulting assignments are world famous corporate success stories.

    More information on Dr. Gell's background and experience qualifications.

    See the Senior Executive Conferences, Seminars and Briefings details.

    A few highlights from Dr. Gell's experience and accomplishments...

Started the first IBM (1400 Series Computers) computer programming school in the United States of America, early 1960's.

Trained and placed in jobs, some of the first African American computer programmers in the USA.

Figured out how to get Dr. Pepper out of Texas, and right into the Coke Bottling Distributors.

Helped design Coke's Program to get back their market share after Dr. Peppers success, three years latter.

Designed and conducted the Sales & Marketing strategies for RCA Computers which out sold IBM Corporation, and took many of their key customers in their mainframe computer business.

Created and Designed for 3M their original "University of Salesology" concept in Hong Kong, before any corporate University.

Hired the first woman into the computer sales industry...she was extremely successful!

Set up all the original Sales and Marketing Courses for The American Management Associations. Taught them all first, and trained-the-trainers who followed me.

Developed the AMA's top 2-week "Executive Sales & Marketing Course" Rated as the "top program" and "outstanding best speaker" of the AMA. Ran for over 10 years. Stopped the program in 1984, and has never been able to be repeated since.

Keynote and Guest Speaker for hundreds of corporations annual meetings worldwide on Management, Motivation, and Control of your Business, The "Rules" of Business, Global Marketing & Sales Strategies.

Trained thousands of Executives...Senior Management (Chairman, CEO, Presidents), Marketing and Sales Executives.

Consulted to hundreds of corporations around the world and fixed (saved) many of their businesses. Some very famous international and domestic business stories.

Formed two consulting firms, one in 1960 (Gell Associates & Co. Inc.), and the other in 1970 (Gell International Group) in Hong Kong.

Started IAED, International Agency for Economic Development while at the United Nations in 1990.

Started the first United Nations weekly TV Broadcasts in the U.S.A., and worldwide webcasts. Now in our twelfth year!

Designed, and conducted "Africa's First International Conference on Science & Technology" in 1994.

Filmed "Iran's First International Conference on Aging" and gave copies to the UN for their Department on Aging film archive.

Worked with Libya on their positive "turnaround," focus on Africa development, and better USA relations.

Worked with Taiwan on many different projects and consulting.

Consulting to many UN Ambassadors since 1990.

Only a few of his accomplishments!

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The Castle
A secluded Executive Retreat ...The Lamont Estate in Ossining, New York

Conference Meeting Rooms can be set up for any combination meeting style or function.

There is complete food catering service available.


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