IAED Scholars Programme

International Agency for Economic Development

IAED Scholars

IAED Scholars are students who are currently in a High School and or College/University anywhere in the World.

IAED Scholars can be involved with the following areas of IAED's activities:

• Fund Raising. We will train you in the most effective techniques, and the proper approach to Foundations, Corporations and Individuals. Proper Contact Approaches, Proposal Writing, Letter Writing.

• IAED's Global Projects. Economic, Social, and Technology Development Projects in Countries. Researching, Creating, Designing, Organizing, Planning, Fund Rasing, Participating.

• IAED's USA Projects:

• 2 Web sites work: Research, updating, and creating content.



• Weekly TV Broadcasts/Webcasts:

• Weekly one-hour UN Ambassadors interviews for Global TV Broadcast/Webcast.

• What is in it for IAED Scholars ...

• Besides the good feeling of knowing "you are making a difference" in the world...

• An opportunity for you to use your brain and create. We will stretch your mind. And, we like our minds stretched; we want your thinking also.

• A unique education for you on the United Nations and the "real" Global Issues un-edited and uncensored. Information and insights you can not get anywhere in the world! That's our guarantee!

• You are associated with IAED: an organization that "cares" about the UN Ambassadors and their countries future economic development. That's unswerving dedication to the Least Developed Countries, Developing Countries, Landlocked and Small Island Developing Countries since 1990. A proven positive track record.

• A lot of FUN for you! "Work Smarter! Not Harder! It is a lot more Fun! And, a lot Easier!"

Since 1990, we have been conducting projects which are a great positive image for America and the Developed World (and the American and Global Corporations who support IAED's projects) in the USA and around the world. We have the track record of performance and action, and the accolades that go along with our successes. We are making a difference and helping countries and their people to reach their own goals. We are not writing books, and we are not talking about doing something... We are doing something about the global Issues.


Become an IAED Scholar.

IAED Scholars & Interns


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