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red arrow right IAED's main focus is on Country Projects.

We now have a 24 year successful track record of projects.
The secret to our success is Dr. Larry T. Gell's 50+ years of global business experience.
Tested, proven, successful Economic Development Projects.
Some world famous! Some secret.

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INSIDE THE UNITED NATIONS 1999: "If you really want to fix your country, get Dr. Larry T. Gell. He did more for my country than the United Nations has done since 1945."
"In fact, he ran his country project for Ghana in 1994 and here we are in 1999, and I can say it is still working!"
This statement was made and recorded in the UN ECOSOC Chamber in front of all the UN Ambassadors by the current Mayor of Accra, Ghana in 1999.

The President of Uganda and the Government of Uganda sent the following letter offering me the whole 9th floor of the Uganda UN Mission for IAED.
Including all services needed. And, asking me to come to Uganda to run the project we did for Ghana.

UNTV Project: Is an example of our ability to solve problems others can't, or will not do. This is a problem the Secretary-General of the United Nations wanted solved in 1994. He asked Ted Turner to put the UN Meetings on his cable network CNN. Turner refused. We had it on TV and Web within one month. Now in our 20th year.

Iran Project: This is a problem the USA Government, The USA State Department, the United Nations, could not solve; Get the two countries talking to each other. We open up the door in 1999, and President Bush shut it in 2000.

Libya Project: The "Magical Turn-Around" of Gaddafi and Libya into a focus on the development of Africa, and improving relations with the USA in 1996.

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