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Corporate Social Responsibility Partners

    IAED works closely (open and transparent) with our Partners, forming Strategic Alliances which are mutually beneficial for both our Partners and IAED. Our goal is to make our Partners successful. When our Partners are successful, IAED is successful. When IAED is successful we can make a greater impact throughout the world with our charitable Country Projects for Economic and Social Development.

    We are very careful in choosing our Country Projects to be sure they are highly effective and efficient in getting positive results for Countries, and our Member Partners.

    • Partners

    IAED partners with our Members and other Non-Profits to conduct Country Projects, and special Economic and Social Development Projects of our Members. Contact us for details which will benefit you and your company.

    • Strategic Alliances

    There are many different types of Strategic Alliances we will form with our Members.

    • Joint Ventures

    IAED forms Joint Ventures with our Members to promote their businesses linked to our Country Projects worldwide.

    • Agent Relationships

    IAED or one of our consulting companies will represent companies in countries worldwide.

    • Corporate Social Responsibility

    IAED provides the ideal structure for Corporate Social Responsibility partnerships that get measurable results/success.

    Contact Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General of IAED.

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