IAED presents....

"Pakistan's First International Conference on Aging"

Pakistan has over 140 Million People with 9% of the population over the age of 65.
Pakistan also has NO Geriatric Medical Doctors, programs, treatment. They need help.

We are in the beginning of planning and organizing stages of this Conference. We want this conference to be excellent and effective, which means we will take as long as possible to arrange the program, speakers, and raising funds. We are planning to match the quality of "Iran's First International Conference on Aging" for Pakistan's conference..

Contributions are greatly appreciated and you may make them directly to IAED. If you will need a 501(c)3 non-profit organization please make your contribution directly to IAED Donations. and specify for "IAED" or "Pakistan Conference on Aging".

Suggestions may be made to Dr. Larry T. Gell at IAED via e-maill or see other contact methods.

Our Pakistan partner and co-convenor is Dr. Ra'ana Mahmood of Pakistan.

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