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Dr. Larry T. Gell has been studying the United Nations from the "inside" since 1990. Dr. Gell has either held ECOSOC or DPI Status till 1999. He has been on the DPI/NGO Executive Committee for four years. He also spent six years videotaping UN meetings.

...from IAED
  • IAED has been videotaping the oldest members of the UN community. (pictures to be posted soon)
  • Dr. Gell appears on U.S.News & World Report TV Series. (live web streaming)
  • IAED Videotape shown in Sri Lanka National TV Prime Time. (posted 8/27/99)
  • IRAN's First International Conference on Aging - October 19-21, 1999.
  • First Ladies at the UN and worldwide videotaped by IAED.
  • Huge Video Library of United Nations Meetings.
  • IAED Starts the First Weekly TV Series in America on the United Nations. And completes the second year. "INSIDE THE UNITED NATIONS: The Global Issues."
  • Another TV show! A joint venture with The Human Values Network and " Here & Now "
  • And we add another TV show for NGOs to discuss the Peoples Issues. (A joint venture with Ms. Gloria Messer called " ACCESS FOR ALL.")
  • WEB TV Video Streaming coming soon!


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