You can not have "sustainable economic development" without Peace!
There are too many wars, and too much killing going on worldwide RIGHT NOW!

AFRICA and HIV/AIDS: 40 Million Infected! 22 Million Dead! 13 Million Children Orphaned! 8,000 People will Die today, 3 Million will die this year... because treating them is not "Cost Effective."

    Bill Gates takes on the United States of America and Somalia! (opps! Somalia sign.) The ONLY 1 country (out of 191) who have NOT signed and ratified the "Convention on the Rights of the Child" A good example (The Rich, Corporate Leaders, and World Leaders objecting to their own governments policies) of the magnitude of changes taking place in this new Globalization. "Too many of the worlds children suffer the effects of war, poverty, sickness, discrimination or abuse. This is your opportunity to send a message to the worlds leaders that this is unacceptable! This is your opportunity to Say Yes for Children." You too can be involved! See Global Movement For Children (Take action BEFORE September 2001 (Opening of the General Assembly))

    POCKETS! Caused by foreign and domestic policies (direct and indirect). Cause "PUSH" Followed by "SPILL OVER" And finally "BLOWBACK" Want to know more? Watch our weekly United Nations television shows.

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