Why should I become a Member with IAED?

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The biggest reason is you are interested in Charitable giving and Charitable Projects! And you want to stretch your mind!

First, you want to succeed with your goals and business. We help our Members succeed.

Second, you are a "socially responsible" person or corporation. You can be a "Blazing Liberal" or a "Greedy Hubris Capitalist Pig", or even a "Radical Muslim,.. we don't care, as long as you have "heart" and want to do good by helping other people to succeed in this world. We are not interested in "Cosmetic Philanthropy" practiced by most corporations and foundations.

Third, we keep you informed . . . We warned our members in March of 1999 that the price of oil at the pumps would start a slow climb up in April 1999 till the end of the year and then continue up at a higher pace in 2000-2008. We told them why, and who was behind it. Tip: Graduate Psychology teaches us that "all behavior is caused." Some one does something.

We also told our members when the stock market was at 6000 and the "experts" on Wall Street were saying, "it was time for the market to go down." We said it will now go on up to 10,000 and then on up to 15,000! Globlaization's clash with Islam (911) has slowed that pace unfortunately. Guess what we are saying now?

How we doing? We have been doing things like that and much more for our members for 16 years! Where have you been? We missed you!

Some more other good Reasons for becoming an IAED Member:

If you are “downsized” or anticipate a change in your business;

If you have retired, or when you do retire;

If you are a professional and want to be involved in global projects;

If you are starting up a business;

If you are struggling to survive and need some help.

If you are interested in expanding your business and want to go global;

If you are looking for new international markets for your products and/or services;

If you are already global and you are having problems;

If your company is looking for a “positive image”;

If you want global exposure and an identity with IAED;

If you want to understand globalization and what it means for your business and your future;

If you are interested in the United Nations, what it really does, and what it can do for you;

If you are confused and/or frustrated with what is happening in the world, and want some positive motivation by becoming involved with an exciting organization;

If you want to do something really meaningful and satisfying in helping save the world!;

If you are an ACTION oriented person. (We are not writing reports.);

• We invite you to become a Member and join IAED.

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