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Get involved! Your knowledge, experience, and wisdom is valuable to IAED and yourself! Don't let them "put you out to pasture." Think charitable, exciting, stimulating challenges; and act on your years of experience.

IAED looks at realistic economic development for developing countries and sees that process as holistic and all encompassing; an over all umbrella of every discipline. Therefore, whatever your life experiences are, you can find a place in IAED, where you can make a meaningful contribution to helping others.

The biggest mistake or crime that businesses and organizations make, is to retire people who have spent their entire life accumulating, experience, knowledge and wisdom. We respect your age and experience, and want you to join us in doing real meaningful activities which will be personally fulfilling to you .

American (U.S.A.) corporations have "dumped" 10's of millions (World Bank's figures) of experienced managers since 1980 in the name of "restructuring" and "re-engineering" their businesses (cutting the fixed costs.) The developing countries needs (your) experience and expertise. See the World Problems & Conditions.

Look at the recent experience in Russia. Poorly managed huge government businesses which were privatized, and still have not been able to effectively manage themselves. Instead of managing their businesses, they took the new money from the stocks and loans and moved it off to tax havens and other places; rather than investing it back into the businesses and growing them. And, you can't fault Russia alone for that strategy. Managerial "effectiveness" and "efficiency" are a long way off for most of the developing countries and new entrants into the new globalization of the "new world economic order."

The least developed countries have an even worst situation. They have been "Structurally Adjusted" by the IMF and World Bank, now with huge debt (e.g. Mozambique* with $1.2 million debt payments every week), then told to privatize their businesses and compete with the markets and business brokers/traders of the well established West dominated, and controlled global markets. Lots of Luck!

IAED needs your experience. Contact us directly for more information on how you could benefit from an association with IAED.

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You might suggest the best way to use your expertise and experience within IAED's structure. We are open to your suggestions and ideas. IAED can make room for you. We can create a special place for you. Contact us and we will tell you how.

Become involved with IAED, as we work in countries and with the United Nations. E-mail us,

You can also call us, or contact us directly.

The over riding focus and end result of IAEDs activities is to make charitable contributions worldwide which have long term and sustainable economic and social developmental impacts.

PS: If you are thinking of giving money vs experience contact us directly. This is an organization where you can make a financial contribution, and then join IAED and become active, and see just where your money goes. We pride ourselves on keeping overhead expenses as low as possible. This NOT the typical organization where, out of every dollar you give, 75-90% or more goes for overhead. With IAED, 100% goes to charitable projects in the USA and countries worldwide. We have 16 years of proof!

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* MOZAMBIQUE DEBT PAYMENTS WERE SUSPENDED BY PARIS CLUB OF GOVT DONORS to whom $3.4B (40%) of Mozambique's debt is owed, this week (3/15/2000). Several countries intend to forgive Mozambique's remaining debt. Aside from govts, intl. finance institutions hold another $2.1B (25%) of its debt. Mozambique received some debt relief in June 1999 ($3.7B), which resulted in annual payments dropping from $112M to ~ $73M. It's debt service has been $1.4 million a week, mostly to World Bank & IMF. The World Bank has given Mozambique a $2.5 million emergency loan & intends to give another $15M.

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