Honorary Members

This is not a complete list of all of our Honorary Members.

Please forgive us if we have not listed you and bring it to our attention: 

Mrs. Suchada Kanechorn Na Ayuthaya, Deputy Conul General, Thailand Consulate General USA, Bangkok,Thailand

Mac Henderson, Deceased Chairman of Sweat & Crawford Insurance, Los Angeles California, USA

Jack Mohler, Mohler Associates, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Mrs. Shimpi, Bombay, India

Liau Eng Siong, Retired Senior Executive of AIG, Hong Kong and Malaysia, Asia

Mrs. Miriam Palatnick, Retired
"Special Honoree Award in Education" from IAED: "Honorary Award for Lifetime Dedication to Children, Teaching and School Administration"
The Noblest of professions: The sacrifice of a lifetime of teaching and giving to others.

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