Declassified "Members Only" Info

A Few interesting predictions we advised our "members only":

Posted when the stock market was 6,000 (When the "experts" on Wall Street all said, "Look for a downward correction.": "It will now go on up to 10,000 and then on up to 15,000 - if nothing major changes the trend." (See below)

Posted in 1998: "You will have a Republican President in 2001."

Posted in April 1999: "Look for steady rise in oil prices at the pump. Won't be recognized by most people until winter of 1999."

Posted in April 2000: " Look for oil prices to stay high for the next five years!"

Posted in early 1999: George W. Bush will be the next President of the United States. (And we did NOT waiver during the "after election Florida show.)

Posted for Members in July of 2000: "Watch the Stock Market contract and Bonds become more interesting. Key question is how far and fast can the Stock Market (Fed interest rates) be raised without sending the Stock Market and overall economy into a tail spin. (Note current Fed action 1/5/2001.) President Bush and staff want a military build up. You do it with Bonds and borrowing. (Remember President Reagan)"

Posted in April of 2000: " We saw Japan rule (economic dominance) the 1980's, the USA rule the 1990's, look for Europe (EC) to enjoy the 2000's (Ten years.)

These are just of a few of our "wags" . . .

How we doing? We have been doing things like this for our members for 10 years! Where have you been? We missed you!

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