Country Coordinators

IAED Country Coordinators are chosen from IAED Members; which is open to Business Executives from all the 192 countries which are members of the United Nations. IAED Country Coordinators are trusted with the most important activities of IAED. Most live in their own countries but travel occasionally to the USA or they live in the USA but travel frequently to other countries.

IAED works closely with UN countries and our Members which are also in all 192 countries of the United Nations. Our Country Coordinators serve as official liaison officers between IAED and one or more countries. Country Coordinators contact Foreign Ministers for IAED.

IAED's main goal is Charitable Projects in Developing Countries. Many of IAED's Projects help developing countries to speed up their development, successfully survive Globalization and become a viable global partner in the New World Economic Order. Surviving "Structural Adjustment" requires intensive concentration on the Management of their macro and micro debt and overall economic development. The track record of Structural Adjustment is strewn with massive surprises and disappointments within their countries.

IAED first educates its members on the details of "Structural Adjustment" and then focuses them on how they can help the developing countries to succeed. Country Coordinators play a key role in this.

IAED seeks to lighten this burden with insights and real-world specific action plans for survival and successful economic expansion strategies.

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