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Our business is Charity Projects in countries who need it the most. Because we focus on countries we can help you increase your business in the Developing Countries.If you are from a Developing Country, we can help you find markets for your products and services in the Developed Countries. Any and all revenues which come to IAED are used for Charitable Projects in Developing countries.

IAED serves its corporate members by acting as a facilitator between them and the countries who are members at the United Nations. IAED helps their corporate members to be successful in their efforts to conduct business in foreign countries.

Members get exclusive invitations to join IAED and the United Nations in special country projects conducted around the world.

Members who conduct businesses through IAED will receive special protections in developing countries.

Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General of IAED, has 40 years experience fixing international businesses which get into trouble in their markets throughout the world. Other members and advisors of IAED have similar experience. IAED can provide special benefits to its corporate members who seek to conduct business in countries around the world. See IAED Services.

IAED also keeps its corporate members advised on the latest developments in globalization at the United Nations which impacts directly or indirectly on their businesses. The United Nations activities effect global business and corporate global business strategy (Marketing - Sales - Management - Security.)

Our members can become involved, through IAED, in advocacy at the United Nations. This is a unique privilege and responsibility.

There is a rising grassroots movement against corporations, and IAED works closely with the key peoples organizations to understand their issues, and explain businesses contribution to global development for all humankind. We are a group of responsible and accountable business executives, advisors and members who are genuinely interested in their concerns and frustrations. We believe that there is a synergistic relationship between the social purpose and the corporate operations. IAED is a positive image for your business.

There has been a massive downsizing of American and European Business Executives (in the 10s of millions in the USA alone - and Japan is next.) These people have been told to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. The risks are extremely high against failure. IAED works closely with our corporate members and the new startup entrepreneurs to help them stay successful. Dr. Gell has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to be successful in international businesses.

Managing their businesses, wherever they are in the world, is the main critical issue for these people; and experienced-know-how is more important than education, books or computerized connectivity. Globalization is moving at the speed of a bullet train out of Japan; Understanding in a timely fashion what is happening in the world, can make the difference in your success.

IAED Corporate Membership is open to Business Executives from all the 189 UN countries which are members of the United Nations. IAED Corporate Members are able to vote on key decisions of IAED.

You may want to be an IAED "Country Co-Ordinator" if you travel back and forth between a specific country frequently. Or if you live in a country other than the USA, you may want to become an IAED "Country Representative Office." Contact us if your interested.

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