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"Ignorance costs more than education." - Dr. Gell

"Dr. Larry T. Gell is a business management genius! Across the whole spectrum of business: Sales, Marketing, Problem Solving for Top Executive Management around the world."
– President of a major Global Insurance Company & – International President of a major Global Business Products Company.

"Dr. Larry T. Gell created a unique 2-week Executive Management Course for the American Management Association which became the most sought after course at the AMA, with attendees on waiting lists backed up.
It was rated by both the Executive Office of the President of AMA, and an outside independent evaluator as the 'highest rated course ( by the attendees) in the history of the AMA'.
BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune all wanted to audit the course also, but Dr. Gell refuse them.
He ran that course for many years for the AMA. When he left we thought we were going to copy it, but were never able to duplicate his program or the success he had."
– Senior Executive of the AMA

A few of Dr. Gell's "Firsts" . . .
The first computer Programming School in the USA.
The first African Americans in computer programming (including first placements in major American corporations).
The first woman in computer sales.
The first course in America on "Doing Business with China" in 1977.
The first course in America on "Doing Business with Vietnam" in 1977.
The first time Dr. Pepper successfully got out of Texas, getting Coke Bottlers to bottle Dr. Pepper.
The first (and only) time a competitor beat (out sold) IBM in their highly guarded Main Frame Computer business in 1970.
The first (and still only) "International Agency for Economic Development" with development projects without debt in the World in 1990.
The first (still only) person to be given permission to video tape any and all meetings in the United Nations 24/7 every day for 6 years.
The first United Nations one-hour TV and Web Broadcast in the World. Now in our 18th year!
The first videotape library of UN Meetings for the UN-NGOS.
The first African "International Conference on Science & Technology: To speed up the Development of Ghana" in 1994.
The first Iran "International Conference on Aging" in 1999.
The first American to get the Iranians and the Americans talking in 1999.
The first to turn Libya around in 1996.

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spacerIAED Management Center for Excellence conducts Briefings, Seminars and Conferences for Top Level Executives around the World. Areas of expertise and unique insights include but are not limited to:

spacer• "Controlling Your Business" Series of Seminars. (50+ years of experience at this.)

spacer• Global Sales & Marketing Strategy.

spacer• Strategic Thinking: Problem Solving & Decision Making on Global Business Challenges.

spacer• GeoPolitical Strategy of the 192 United Nations Country Member States.

spacer• GeoStrategic Strategy; Future Threats to Global Business and Contingency Thinking.

spacer• Insights into the United Nations: How it Impacts Your Business in the Your Country and Globally.

spacer• Understanding the United Nations and How it Works.

spacerBehind the News Broadcasts (All behavior is caused.) International Events Insights & Analysis.

spacerLeaders of the World: What they Think and What They are Doing.

spacer• "INSIDE THE UNITED NATIONS: The Global Issues"

spacer• What the World Likes and Dislikes about the USA.


spacerConsulting to Top Executive Management includes: Top Government Officials, Chairman of the Board, President, CEO, COO, (foreign General Managers) Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, and International Vice Presidents.

spacerCountry Consulting and Briefings for Heads of States, Heads of Governments, Foreign Ministers, and Ambassadors.

spacerTraining on your site.

spacerGuest Speaker and Keynote Speaking.



IAED Institute


International School of Management

• Executive Management Conferences, Seminars and Briefings.

"Control 101," "Magic 101" and "Luck 101" not taught in the graduate schools. The last book on Leadership... The "Rules" of controlling your business: You are either In-Control or Out-of Control! Your business can only do three things! (Sorry Graduate Schools of Business!)
That's 3!

Dr. Gell has over 50 years of experience helping businesses succeed. Opening markets, beating some of the worlds largest competitors, turning their businesses around from a down turn, building effective and efficient business teams, and getting in control of their companies.

Dr. Gell has trained thousands of business executives from Chairmen to VP Sales and Marketing in the USA and countries worldwide. He is considered an outstanding and powerfully insightful guest speaker at annual corporate meetings.

Dr. Larry T. Gell has been consulting to Generals, Heads of Countries, and top Executive Managements of the worlds largest corporations around the world since 1958.

"Fantastic! 2000 out a possible 20 rating. Your program was better than my Harvard and Wharton MBA's combined! I will recommend it to my management team and my best friends. Not my competition." - Chairman, CEO and President, Fortune 100 company.

"You are the most requested return speaker for our global executive management meetings." - Chairman, President, Worlds largest real estate company.


International School of Diplomacy

• GeoPolitical & GeoStrategic Strategy

What is really going on in the world? Everything you ever wanted to know about the United Nations and its role in forming Global Strategy. "telling-the-truth" vs "spinning- the-lies." A deep look at global strategic strategy and geopolitical implications from "inside" the UN. What it all means for your international corporations, your businesses and your security.

Dr. Gell is not interested in politics... only what the leaders of countries and corporations are actually doing (not what they say they are doing) that will effect your businesses and success in your country, and around the globe.

Dr. Larry T. Gell has been monitoring the United Nations since 1990. And interviewing UN Ambassadors and the World Leaders exclusively for his weekly UN TV Broadcasts/Webcasts for the past 18 years.

"Your ability to cut through the fog of the daily news and explain global events and current conditions is powerfully useful insight for any CEO." - CEO and President, Fortune 100 company.

Also similar comments by Ambassador of Nigeria and Nigerian Chief and
Ambassador of Mongolia.

Annual Corporate Meetings | Keynote Speaker | Executive Management Strategy Sessions.

IAED Projects:

IAED conducts Economic and Social Development Projects in the U.S.A. and in Countries Worldwide. Contact us for details of Projects we are currently working on and considering.

If you are in a Developing Country or Least Developed Country, you may contact us with a Project your country needs for our consideration.

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