Libya - Who turned Libya and Gaddafi around in 1997?

Who refocused Libya on the economic development of Africa.

Who got libya to want to be friends with the USA?

Who wrote his complete Strategic Turnaround Plan for his Country and Africa?

Will Libya get back on track developing their country and helping African Countries?


New Libya Flag
Libya Flag
red arrow The great Libya question for the watching World?
Focus on Economic Development or waste your time on getting even?

UN Ambassador Mr. Abu Zeid Omar Dorda
Amb Dorda Dorda in Jail

Will Libya rise to the level of South Africa's magnanimous,
Human Rights, compassion, forgiving, reconciliation.
And Forgive and release Ambassador DORDA? NOW?

Will Libya fall into the African Jungle Rule of Law or the ancient Laws of Islam?

Would an American official in a similar government position during a people's revolution uprising do anything different than what he did to protect his government?
He was external security, not internal security. He has aready been beaten up, broken hip, imprisoned, humilated. Is Libya just looking for scapegoats to punish.?
Is he a "Good" man, or an "Evil" man?
I know Ambassador Dorda, and I know inside he is a "GOOD MAN."
He is not Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi or his sons !

Come on Libya, we love you, so RISE TO GREATNESS!
"Muhammed the Compassionate, Kind, and Forgiving."

red arrow Listen and Read Mandela's speech . . . Infinite Wisdom . . . THINK!



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