Dr. Larry T. Gell has worked in IRAN during Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi's period helping Iranian business people succeed in the "art of business" for AIG-IRAN in December 1978 - January 1979.

Iran-AIG1 Iran-AIG2 Iran-AIG3

Dr. Larry T. Gell has also worked in IRAN just after the death of the great Sayyid Ruhollah Mostafavi Musavi Khomeini, Religious Leader. "IRAN's First International Conference on AGING" - October 1999.

I found all the people (both government officials and private citizens) I met in IRAN on both trips were highly educated, spoke fluent English, and very friendly to me.


An absolutely Fantastic Conference!!!

*** See complete details of the Conference Programme and the Speakers.

*** See Pictures from the Conference

*** See Pictures from Kahrizak Home for the Disabled and Elderly

(24 hours of video tapes are available in English
and the complete conference is available in Farsi:
Contact the Ladies Charitable Society.)

Iran's First "International Conference on Aging"
October 19-21, 1999
Tehran, Iran  



IN IRAN - October 19-21, 1999!


IAED has videotaped (in English) about 24, hours of this conference. IAED is a supporter and a USA co-ordinator for this program.

On the occasion of the "International Year of Older Persons 1999 "as announced by U.N. the Ladies Charitable Society* :Women Working Towards A Better Future (L.C.S.), affiliated with Kahrizak Home for Disabled and Elderly*: A Center For Living , Education and Rehabilitation (K.H.D.E), and in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) completed the "First International Conference on Aging" held on October 19-21, 1999 in Tehran, Iran

All interested organizations, institutions, professionals, experts and researchers who would like information, papers or videotapes (English and Farsisi) of the conference please contact Conference Secretariat, Ladies Charitable Society.

Pictures from the Conference which featured the First Lady of Iran and many world recoginized experts along with complete details and speakers will be posted here shortly...stay tuned!

Conference Themes

A) Social :

1 . Social role, position and potentials of the elderly.

2. Demographic, social and economical characteristics of the elderly.

3. Aging from religious, cultural and social value viewpoints.

4. Family life of the elderly today.

5. Internationally practiced skills and techniques of assisting the elderly.

6. Social Commitments (government, people, family) vis-a-vis the elderly

7. Homes for the elderly


B) Medical / Health :
1. Physical, hygienic and treatment conditions of the elderly

2. Nutrition of the elderly

3. Geriatric

4. Sports and rehabilitation for the elderly

C) Psychology :

1. Isolation and depression in the elderly - solutions for improvement

2. The elderly's views / conceptions and ideals regarding their social environment D) Educational

1. Principles and methods of care-giving to the elderly

2. Education for the enhancement of individual and social awareness for beginning the old age

*** See complete details of the Conference Programme and the Speakers.

*** SEE: Conference "DECLARATION".


* * Please respond by FAX No. (from USA): (011) 9821-270-1059


IAED: For latest information and contacts.

IRAN: Ladies Charitable Society:

E-mail: LCS@kahrizak.org or ghafouri@ucla.edu

USA: Telephone: 1-310-473-6001 or Fax: 1-310-473-8699

Iran: Telephone: (+9821) 2701831 or Fax: (+9821) 2701832
Address: No 1. Setareh St., Baghe Ferdous, Vali Asr Ave., Tehran 19617 IRAN

 IRAN: Kahrizak Home for the Disabled & Elderly:

E-mail: LCS@kahrizak.org

Iran: Telephone: (+9821) 5202900 or Fax: (+9822)862988
Address: PO Box 18745-4154 Tehran, IRAN


L.C.S.. a member of ECOSOC and an NGO since 1972. Providing services to "Kahrizak Home for the Disabled & Elderly" and 600 orphans in "Home for Mother & Child."


* More information about the Kahrizak Home for the Disabled and the Elderly and the Ladies Charitable Society:






Kahrizak Home for the Elderly and Disabled (KHED) is located in Tehran, Iran. It is a non-profit organization registered with the United Nations as a Non Government Organization (N.G.O.) and is a member of ECOSOC. The Landscape Project of the Kahrizak Charity Foundation, is a project initiated and organized by the Ladies Charitable Society (LCS) to improve and expand the Kahrizak Home for the Disabled and Elderly , thus promoting health, education, and rehabilitation.

KHED serves the needs of nearly 1600 elderly and disabled individuals who reside within the institution. These residents are among the neediest of their communities and their families lack the resources to help them. All residents are at least 12 years old and enjoy normal cognitive ability . As the goal of KHED is not only to promote physical health and rehabilitation, but, also to promote self-confidence and self-reliance, our residence are able to choose to participate in many activities. These activities include weaving, tailoring, carpet weaving, flower making, embroidery, assembling electrical equipment, ceramics and now gardening.

As one of the favorite activity of our senior and disabled residents, gardening meets many of their physical and psychological needs. They not only participate in an outdoor activity , but are also able to sow the fruits of their labor and thus experience self-sufficiency.

This project faces many obstacles. Aside from the obvious financial and logistical difficulties, the dry harsh winds and the poor soil conditions pose a challenge. Through hard work and dedication over many years, the soil has been revitalized. The harsh winds can also be overcome by building greenhouses. This will also serve a dual purpose by allowing better access to flower beds for our quadriplegic and biplegic residents as well as those who are bedridden or confined to wheelchairs for other medical conditions.

This project promotes a constructive means by which the aging community can actively improve their own life through self-sufficiency and self-reliance. They can also improve the life of others by contributing to their community through urban renewal and leading the way towards a better and brighter future .

Note: You can obtain a videotape of the facilities in Iran from Dr. Larry T. Gell, Tel: 1-212-687-1775 or, Fax 212-697-2363 or e-mail at lgell@ ;iaed.o rg The cost is $10.00 plus $3.32 for Priority Mail in the USA.

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Iran's First International Conference on Aging

October 19-21, 1999, Tehran, Iran

*** See complete details of the Conference Programme and the Speakers.

*** See Pictures from the Conference

*** See Pictures from "Kahrizak Home for the Disabled and Elderly"

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