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Iran's First "International Conference on Aging"

October 19-21, 1999

Tehran, Iran  



IN IRAN - October 19-21, 1999!

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"The First International Conference on Aging- Tehran, Iran" was held from October 19 to 21, 1999 under the auspices of Her Excellency Mrs. Zohreh Sadeghi the esteemed wife of the President of the Islamic Republic of lran and the Conference Honorary Chair. The Conference was attended by Iranian and International experts and the representatives of international organizations and bodies, including "Global Action On Aging" of the UN, UNIC, UNDP, and UNEPA.

This conference was convened to honour "The International Year for Older Persons, 1999" and for the purpose of promoting human principles and exploring new ways of better understanding the elderly and the aging phenomenon. In this conference 96 papers were presented during 6 plenary and 8 specialized sessions on the following themes:

l- Social Issues if Aging

2- Medical issues of Aging

 3- Psychological and Emotional Issues of Aging

4- Environmental issues of Aging

5- Nutrition and Physical Activity in The Elderly

The conference was sponsored by "The Ladies Charitable Society"(LCS) affiliated with "Kahrizak Home For The Disabled and the Elderly" (KHDE) and in consultative status with UN-ECOSOC. In this endeavor LCS enjoyed the support and cooperation of several Iranian and international organizations as well as benevolent individuals and groups.

The following are the views and conclusions as reached by this conference:

1- The Conference Commends the humanitarian efforts of the United Nations and considers such gatherings a firm step forward in forging bonds among diverse cultures and promoting "the dialogue of civilizations."

2- The presence of experts, scientists, and researchers from all over the world in gatherings with the objective of finding effectual solutions to mitigate human sufferings, reject violence and hostility, and strengthen international solidarity is an efficient measure in bringing human generations together.

3- We call on international organizations, the UN in particular, to urge their member states, by means of resolutions and practical measures to allocate part of their military budgets to forums such as this and pave the way for the exchange of information and benefiting from collective global knowledge.

 4- Considering, the inevitability of aging of the world population in years ahead which will particularly affect the developing nations, we call on relevant UN Institutions to include in their agenda the establishment of 'Regional Centers for Population Aging Studies" and to provide assistance for founding the first "Regional Center of Gerontology" in Iran. We recommend that this project is implemented by LCS affiliated with KHDE which is considered the largest care center for the disabled and the elderly in Iran.

5- The conference calls on WHO and The Coordinating Committee of "The international Year for Older Persons, 1999" to provide assistance in opening departments of geriatrics in the medical schools of countries with large populations in the region including Iran; and to accord priority to the Elderly Rehabilitation Project presented at this conference.

6- The conference entreats governments to include in their national development plans projects for the improvement of the status of the elderly and implement these projects in cooperation with NGO's organizations of the affairs of the retired, and community committees.

7- Considering that parliaments are the dynamic nucleus of national and popular decision- making, we propose the establishment of "The Aging Committee" in these legislative bodies. In these committees people's representatives shall be able to pursue the aging issues and the welfare of the elderly in a more substantial and persistent manner.

8- Establishment of the "High Council on Aging" is essential for coordination of government and community activities. This council should be under the direction of the highest executive authority of the country.

 9- The conference calls on countries in the region to offer special and public training programs for entering the old age at individual, family, and community levels. These programmes serve to converge the perspectives of different segments of population and to create an environment replete with inter generational understanding.

10- Governments should provide conducive ground for active participation of older persons in social, economic and cultural affairs and create part time and flexible employment opportunities for this segment of the population. Implementation of such policies shall enable the elderly to continue normal lives within the family and society and to elude isolation and depression.

11- There should be included in formal education syllabus subjects on preparation for able aging from economic, social, physical, and psychological perspectives. These programmes should initiate at primary education level and extend to higher levels as required.

12- The governments are requested to provide free special and emergency care for the needy elderly particularly long term care, rehabilitation and treatment by use of government subsidies within the framework of "Special Insurance Schemes for the Elderly."

13- Considering the acute need of the elderly for healthy leisure time, establishment and expansion of day care centers tor the elderly should be accorded high priority. In addition to healthy leisure facilities these centers should provide First Aid and general education.

Municipal authorities and community-based organizations can help establish such centers in public parks or other easily accessible spots with pleasant climate.

 14 - The experience of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the context Of Ladies Charitable Society (LCS) has testified that community participation and contributions of benefactors are substantial and secure means for meeting the needs of the disabled and the elderly and their care at nursing homes. What those responsible for such institutions require most in order to keep on their noble cause unfailingly, is people's reliance and support.

The conference calls on participants from abroad and international organizations to encourage the formation of such dedicated volunteer groups in other countries by introducing the activities of LCS and paving the path for their presence in relevant international forums.

The conference expresses its deep appreciation to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the LCS for their generous hospitality and remarkable endeavors in convening the conference.

// end

10/21/99, Tehran, Iran




Attention Conference Attendees...

(For those attendees to fill out and return...Thank you very much for your sincere feedback.)


Thank you again for your sincere cooperation in convening" the First Intonational Conference On Aging- Tehran, Iran," you are kindly requested to answer the following questions and fax/mail/e-mail your answers to the conference secretariat at your earliest convenience:


1- Your overall view on the conference:

a) Please point out any weaknesses and deficiencies you observed during the conference.


b) What are your recommendations for the improvement of future conferences?


2- At this conference we explored various areas and issues of aging:

a) From your point of view, which one is of most importance?


b) Which major issues had been omitted?


3 - With regard to the Conference Declaration, are you willing/able to assist us with the achievement of any of the objectives/projects proposed therein? Which one (s)?




Please feel free to make any additional Comments that you wish on the margin of the conference.


Please Fax back to: 009821-270-1832


Mail to: Ladies Charitable Society, No. 1, Setareh St., Bagke Ferdous, Vali Asr Ave., Tehran 19617 Iran




*** See complete details of the Conference Programme and the Speakers.

*** See Pictures from the Conference

*** See Pictures from Kahrizak Home for the Disabled and Elderly

(24 hours of video tapes are available in English
and the complete conference is available in Farsi:
Contact the Ladies Charitable Society.)

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Iran's First International Conference on Aging

October 19-21, 1999, Tehran, Iran

*** See complete details of the Conference Programme and the Speakers.

*** See Pictures from the Conference

*** See Pictures from "Kahrizak Home for the Disabled and Elderly"


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