International Agency for Economic Development

Finances and Budgeting

Interns at IAED- International Agency for Economic Development are not paid. All costs of travel and accommodation, including living expenses, must be covered by the intern or the sponsoring institution. The following information is intended to assist you in estimating the cost of your internship (all figures indicated in US dollars):

  • Travel expenses:
  • Accommodation in New York City:
  • Living expenses (as of March 2005):
  • Insurance expenses:
  • Other expenses: (additional 10-20% of the budget)
  • Internship Budgeting Form
    (per person)

    Travel expenses: Round trip tickets:

    Passport/visa fees:

    Ground transportation:

    Travel insurance:

    Insurance: Medical insurance:

    Liability insurance:

    Accommodation: First week in hotel/motel:

    Remaining period:

    Living expenses: Transportation ($ per day x 70):

    Meals ($ per day x 70):

    Other expenses: (add 10-20% of your budget) Personal communication expenses:

    Formal attire:

    Luggage for traveling:

    Entertainment and
    weekend activities:

    Emergency expenses:


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