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International Agency for Economic Development

** We need a excellent "French Interpreter" volunteer, NOW!
This is for interpretions during live interviews. Contact IAED

*Special benefit for our Interns.

Interns at IAED- International Agency for Economic Development are not paid. All costs of travel and accommodation, including living expenses, must be covered by the intern or the sponsoring institution. The following Budgeting & Finances information is intended to assist you in estimating the cost of your internship

Housing in New York City (all figures indicated in US dollars):

Types of volunteer work available: see flow chart of overall areas.

• Fund Raising. We will train you in the most effective techniques, and the proper approach to Foundations, Corporations and Individuals. Proper Contact Approaches, Proposal Writing, Letter Writing.

• IAED's Global Projects. Economic, Social, and Technology Development Projects in Countries. Researching, Creating, Designing, Organizing, Planning, Fund Rasing, Participating.

• IAED's USA Projects:

• 2 Web sites work: Research, updating, and creating content. (Governments and Global Strategy) (People's Issues and Conditions)

Weekly TV broadcasts/Webcasts:

• Weekly one-hour UN Ambassadors interviews for Global TV Broadcast/Webcast.

• Legal Work:

Many international and national legal issues need addressing. (Non-Profit Law, Contracts, International Agreements, Intellectual Property Rights, and other areas.

• Accounting Work.

• Young Diplomats Organization - YDO.

• International Peace Discussions at the Castle. (Global Geopolitical and Geo-Strategic Strategy.)

• Executive Management Seminars.

• General Administrative Activities.

• Anything else you can create. We are not limited by our own thinking.

• What is in it for you? ...

• Besides the good feeling of knowing "you are making a difference" in the world...

• An opportunity for you to use your brain and create. We will stretch your mind. And, we like our minds stretched; we want your thinking.

• A unique education for you on the United Nations and the "real" Global Issues un-edited and uncensored. World Information and insights you can not get anywhere in the world! That's our guarantee! Added advantage is our 47 years of successful global business consulting to the world's largest corporations.

• You are associated with IAED: an organization that "cares" about the UN Ambassadors and their countries future economic development. That's unswerving dedication to the Least Developed Countries, Developing Countries, Landlocked and Small Island Developing Countries since 1990. A proven positive track record.

• A lot of FUN for you! "Work Smarter! Not Harder! It is a lot more Fun! And, a lot Easier!"

Since 1990, we have been conducting country projects (domestic and international) which are a great positive image for America and the Developed World (and the American and Global Corporations who support IAED's projects) in the USA and around the world. We have the "track record" of successful performance and action; and the recognition and accolades that go along with our projects. We are making a difference and helping countries and their people to reach their own goals. We are not writing books, and we are not talking about doing something... We are doing something about the global Issues. So, why don't you make our success and experience part of your success, experience and career development.


Overall areas of work/experience for IAED Interns.

Our WORK and our TO DO LIST ... Find out if you are interested?

The Fast Tract to Success!

IAED Interns are not going to do meaningless tasks.
We will train you and show you how you succeed in the real world of Business/Non-Profits and your Personal Life.

This is not school. This is the Real Thing! And, we have 47 years of real world experience!
If you want to work on your brighter us.


We give our interns permanent official "IAED Advisor" status for their contributions/efforts to IAED.
It looks good on your resume, and you effectively never leave IAED.

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