Global Analysis

United Nations - Global Strategy - Geostrategic-Geopolitical Risks/Opportunities:

Monitoring of the United Nations since 1990:

UN Activities:

Daily observations of the workings of the UN since 1990 and video taping UN Meetings for six years inside the UN.


Weekly UN TV Shows: Interviews of Ambassadors and Heads of Governments (10 years)

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs & Civil Society):

Held "Consultative Status" and "DPI Status" to the United Nations

Four years on the Board of the "Executive Committee of NGOs in Consultative Status (DPI) to the United Nations."

United Nations Weekly TV Shows: Interviews of the Heads of Governments: (Ambassadors, Presidents, Heads of Government, Heads of State, and Ministers of Government) Now in our seventh year!

IAED provides a public platform (both television and worldwide web) as a free service for Ambassadors of the United Nations to discuss their needs, problems, challenges and opportunities un-edited and un-cut.

Consulting (Consult/Advise Governments and Businesses) (Since 1960)

Gell Associates & Co. Inc. - (Global Management Training/Consulting since 1960)

Gell International Group - (Global Executive Management Consulting since 1970)

IAED Global Consulting - Focused on the problems and opportunities of the 192 Countries of the United Nations since 1990)

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