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Ambassador Dr. Frank S. Palatnick
Director, Global Education/Administration &
Higher Education, IAED

Ambassador, People to People
President, Producer, and Host of globaled.tv

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Message from the Director:

According to a report from UNESCO, there is a major factor missing from both education administration and higher education administration. "Transcultural Empathy."

Although countries make an attempt to acknowledge other cultures internally by way of exchange students, it is only a small percentage of first world countries performing that practice. What is needed is transcultural therapy. A more rigorous (there goes that "r" word again) usage of transcultural therapy is needed. Education administrators and higher education administration from the top down i.e. ministers of education, as well as heads of countries themselves should be included with exchanging administrators.

If the best way to understanding is by experiencing, and the UN's mandate is for "Education for All" by 2015, then no person should be exempt.

- Ambassador Frank S. Palatnick

World Education Administration Conferences

Theme: "Future of Education Administration/Transcultural Empathy"
"Kicking It Up A Notch"

Organizer: IAED

Call for Papers and Speakers

The Burj Al Arab Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

October 14-20, 2010 - Conference (In the Planning Stages.)

Contact us for more information: Pre-register to guarantee your attendance.

Coming in October/November 2010...

Global Conference on Higher Education Administration

Taj Lake Palace, Rajhstan, India

Ambassador Frank S. Palatnick & Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General, IAED in a strategy planning session.

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Get involved. Contact Dr. Frank S. Palatnick directly:

Ambassador Dr. Frank Palatnick
Director Global Education/Administration, IAED
Scottsdale, Arizona
E-Mail: fpalatnick@gmail.com

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