Gell Technology International

GTI - Gell Technology International's main function is to monitor, study and search for "Existing Technologies" and "Emerging Technologies" which can be used in the Developing Countries to speed up their Economic Development. GTI is also a registry and database of:

  • Researchers
  • Scientists
  • University Professors
  • Business Students
  • Business Executives
  • Companies

These people are science and technology focused; are interested in economic and social development worldwide; and are interested in participating with IAED in our global IAED-UN County Projects.

If you fit one or more of these categories and you would like to be in our database for notice of projects from IAED in the future...send us your information.

If you know of any "Existing Technologies" or "Emerging Technologies" which you think may be useful for the Developing Countries please send us an email to the Director-General.

Please note: Any information you send us will be keep for IAED's use only, and we will not give or sell your information to anyone!

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