Gell Associates and Company Inc.


Gell Associates & Co. Inc.
(Formed in 1960 - USA)

Experience Ensures Results!

Executive Management, Sales & Marketing Consulting Firm formed in 1960.

Over fifty years of "real-world" consulting and field training experience in every part of the globe, and in almost every industry.

GA was formed in 1960 to consult to IBM and others, and conduct sales and management training programs for clients. GA has evolved into a full services international consulting and training company.


Consulting and Advising Top Senior Executive Management in the U.S.A. and International.

Organization Structure and Dynamic Change Adaptation

Strategic Planning and Strategy Implementation

Solving Executive Management, Sales, and Marketing Problems in Domestic and International Markets Worldwide.

Training and Development of Management, Sales and Marketing Executives.

Motivation and team building for executives and sales teams.

Dr. Gell's famous "Rules" of Business and Success!

Speaker at Annual Executive Management and Sales Meetings.

Global Sales & Marketing Strategy

Executive Management Briefings

Keynote Speaker

"We are in the 'Age of Discontinuity' and rapid global competition.
Your ability to anticipate, and respond quickly to local and global threats
is of absolute critical essence."
- Dr. Larry T. Gell

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A few Training Highlights...

Keynote or guest speaker at hundreds of Management and Sales meetings in the USA and worldwide.

Created and formed the first Business Computer Programming School in America (1961) out of frustration with the universities; After receiving letters (to his requests to set up computer programming schools at their universities) from famous Graduate Business Schools saying..."We do not believe the business computer is practical or a viable business tool."

Trained thousands of Executive Management and Salespeople in the USA, and around the world in almost every industry and many government departments.

Developed all of the original sales and marketing courses for the AMA American Management Association, when none existed. Taught the first courses; then trained trainers to take over the courses.

  • From a basic sales course to 4 career path sales courses.
  • Field Sales Management
  • National Account Sales Management
  • Executive Sales & Marketing Management
  • Special "Senior Executive Marketing Management" program for VP's and up.

Brochure: 2-week Executive Marketing Management Course Developed a 2-week "Senior-Executive Marketing Management" course for the AMA American Management Association and the CMC Canadian Management Centre and taught it for 13.5 years. This course was targeted at Chairmen, CEO's, Presidents, COO's and senior-level (VP) Executive Sales and Marketing Management. It continually received the "highest ratings" possible from the attendees and AMA's Outside Corporate Evaluation Committee, including the Chairman's Office Evaluation. It remains to this day, the longest "highest rated" course of the AMA/CMC. This course was stopped in 1984 by Dr. Gell; it has never been able to be duplicated by the AMA. Some AMA executives call Dr. Gell personally every year saying they "will never forget the course and the impact it had on executives and themselves." Forbes, Fortune, and BusinessWeek all wanted to monitor the course to find out why the course was always "sold out" and had a "waiting list."

Created, developed and taught many International Business Courses for Executives for the AMA and CMC. Trained thousands of their attendees to these programs. Dr. Gell has lectured at senior corporate annual meetings held around the world. He has conducted training and management development programs in most countries of the world.

Has lectured at many Universities and Management Centers around the world.

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A few Consulting Highlights...

Marketing and sales strategy, management, sales training and actual field implementation of sales tactical plans for RCA Computers to beat IBM in their main computer markets in the late 60's. Took key accounts like Texaco, American Airlines (almost) and many others. Actually out sold IBM in one year (1970) and was recognized by the world's media: Fortune, BusinessWeek and many international publications.

Started the FIRST Computer Programming School in America early 1960's.

Figured out how to get Dr. Pepper out of Texas in the 60's; and bottled by their arch enemy Coke who was actively trying to block them..

Three years latter figured out how to get Coke's market share back. Nielson Reports reported : Pepsi number 1, Coke number 2 and Dr. Pepper number 3.

Taught courses for AIG's top executive management and sales force in Asia. Consulted to the Senior Management in all of Asia (Japan to Australia), Iran and Paris.

Many clients in Hong Kong (base) and throughout Asia.

Consulted to and developed highly effective sales and management courses for 3M in Asia and South America. Created and established the first "University of Salesology" for 3M Hong Kong in 1971.

Consulted to Armand Hammer, Occidental Petroleum in Asia, Middle East and Russia.

Key in the development of RE/MAX Top Executive Management and Sales Force from start-up to recent.

Turned around one of the world's largest "Just-in-time" auto manufacturing companies trying to penetrate the European Markets.

Hundreds of turnaround and problem solving assignments in the USA and worldwide for major corporations (In every industry from Banking, Aerospace, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Services, etc., etc.) and their divisions.

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A few of Dr. Larry T. Gell's FIRSTS!

Formed the first "Computer Programming School" in America in 1962. IBM 1400 Computers; After Deans of American University Business Schools said, "We do not believe the computer is a viable business tool."
Brochure: Doing Business with China 1977
Taught the first course in America on "Doing Business with China" in 1977.
Brochure: Doing Business with Vietnam 1977
Taught the first course in America on "Doing Business with Vietnam" in 1977.


Brochure: Executive Course For Marketing Management in Europe EC92
Taught some of the first courses on "Executive Marketing & Sales: Doing Business in the New EC92" for Senior Executives in Europe in early 1980's
Brochure: Doing Business with Russia and the Newly Independent Nations.
Taught the first course in America on "Doing Business within Russia and the Newly Independent Countries of the Former USSR" in 1989.

There are many more "firsts" accomplishments of Dr. Larry T. Gell since 1960 thru 2008.
IAED 1990 thru 2008 is full of "firsts" also!

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 Dr. Larry T. Gell Lecturing
Dr. Larry T. Gell conducting "Executive Management Seminar"
at the Canadian Management Centre in early 1980's


A Consultant is known by the companies he keeps...

3M, Abbott Labs, Accurex, Allied Van Lines, AMA, Apple, Applied Materials, AT&T, ATF-Davidson, Atlas Van Lines, Bache & Co., Belzona, Bendix, Borg Warner, Boston University, Bryan Foods, Caterpillar, Century 21, Chase, Cigna, Canadian Management Centre, Coca Cola, Columbia University- Lamont Doherty Earth Science Labs, Contel, Crane, Critikon, Croon & Black, Curwood, Dean Foods, Digital Equipment, Dr. Pepper, Dresser Industries, Dupont, Dyrotech, Employee Relocation Council, Ethyl Corp., Ford, Foremark, Frank B. Hall, GE, GTE, Harley-Davidson, Harris Corporation, Hartford Ins.,Honeywell, IBM, ITT, J&J, Kodak, Kroger, Lear Siegler, Lear Seating, Learning Annex, Lightolier, LSI, Lunn Industries, Memorex, Met Life, Microsoft, Moore Systems, Motorola, Nobel Industries, Nobel Pharma, Norfield, NY Tel., OminiAdast, Omni Trade Industrial, P&G, Pacific Tel., Pannill, PCS-Canada, Petroleum Landman Assoc., Pharmacia, Plumrose, PSI-Public Service Indiana, RCA, RE/MAX, Rockwell, Scanticon, Security Pacific Bank, Shell Oil, Sierracin, Teledyne, Texas Instruments, Textron, TRW, Uni-Dynamics, University of Pittsburgh, Westvaco, Wheat First Securities, WR Grace, Xerox and many more...

The above list is by no means complete, and represents only a few companies Dr. Gell has consulted to or conducted training courses for.

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"The 'Peter Principle' states, "You are promoted to your level of incompetence." That's bunk!
You are not promoted to your level of incompetence.
You are always promoted to the level of incompetence of your boss! - Dr. Larry T. Gell
(I learned that from IBM 1960, who always believed in continual education of their employees)

So, which costs more; education or lack of education?

Attendees to Dr. Gell's training and corporate meetings.
What clients have said about Dr. Gell...

" QUOTES " - The following quotes are from letters, class critiques, and referrals about Dr. Gell from senior executives of major corporations around the world:

"...Dr. Larry T. Gell is the highest rated Speaker at the AMA American Management Associations."
- - AMA's Internal Speaker Evaluation Auditing Committee/Chairman's Office.

"... Understands the music of business and plays the corporations like Arthur Rubinstein played the piano. A Master, Dr. Gell has gone to school in the real world on the worlds businesses for over thirty years, and it shows. Totally changed our corporation and the way we think." - - Chairman

"...After you have had McKinsey & Co. in your firm for a couple of years writing reports...Get Dr. Gell, he fixes your business!" --International CEO, General Manager

"... There are professors who write books and teach business and marketing...then there is Dr. Gell...pure intuitive genius who knows how to make it happen!" - - Vice President Marketing

"... Brilliant insights into global strategy. A global mole. PS: take his advice on the stock market. When it was 500 he was telling everybody in his classes it would go to 2000+." - - Vice President Sales

"... One idea changed our corporation and meant millions of dollars to our bottom line with in the year. Changed my life forever. You are as steely cold a businessman as Maurice Greenberg (AIG) with one have compassion." - - President

"... I have attended both Wharton Graduate Business School and the Harvard Graduate Program. Your 2-week "Executive Marketing and Sales Course" is better than the two combined! They should hire you, but we both know why they won' would change the whole way learning is conducted." - - President, CEO, COO

"... Dr. Michael Kami takes the credit for the turnaround at Harley-Davidson, but without you setting the stage with many courses and corporate Annual meetings before he arrived at Harley our minds would never have been ready for Kami. You should have wrote that book." - - Sr. VP Sales

"... Dr. Gell's approach to learning is like unscrewing your head, opening up your mind, putting in new ways of thinking and looking at your world and then screwing your head back on. He does not just teach, he changes you for the better." - - President, Asia Corporation

"... We were about to lose our multi-million dollar venture in Europe and upset the country who's company we bought and was bleeding to death. No sales before you... and within six months your contribution meant $900 million dollars to our bottom line by years end. You totally opened the market for us and trained me well. Result, I am off to Asia as the Director of International Business, eternally thankful for your assistance." - - Director of International Business

"... Brilliant Sales and Marketing Genius. His only flaw, he refuses to write books!" - - Vice President Marketing

"... Dr. Larry T. Gell is a fascinating expert in all areas of business. Yet, if you ask his clients about him, they say things like the following quotes:

"... Genius in Global Strategy. Must have a direct line to the very top! But, I wouldn't hire him for sales, way below his level."- - Chairman, CEO

"... Genius in Sales. There may be people who understand the selling process as well as him, but I am sure there is no one who knows it better. But, I wouldn't hire him for our Annual Executive Management Meeting, not corporate enough." - - Vice President Sales

"... Was brilliant with the handling of our Ph.D.'s in our research lab. Really understands the researcher and the scientist. We wouldn't hire him for our next sales meeting, not the sales type." - - Sr. Research Executive

"... Best top management seminar we ever held. Dr. Gell knows the senior executives mind and our business. To bad we couldn’t use him with our sales and marketing people." - - Chairman, CEO, COO

"... I have been in business for over fifty years and have never met anybody with as much depth of understanding of business. He would take on and challenge 35 to 50 senior business executives (presidents - VP's) in his 2-week "Executive Marketing and Sales Management Program" in a very confrontational manner and win them over by the first week! His only mistake, he would not let BusinessWeek and Fortune magazines in to his classes to monitor him." - - Chairman, CEO

"... If Ph.D. means piled higher and deeper, then Dr. Gell has over thirty years real-world business experience and he has worked with and for the worlds most successful corporations and executives. He shows it and shares it! There are takers and givers; he is the giver and I believe he does it out of Love."- - President

"... Dr. Gell... With or without the formal education, you have proved your Dr. status with us. Thanks for the operation, the surgery was correct." - - President, CEO

"... We have had all the well known names on the lecture circuit at our Annual Meetings, but Dr. Gell is far above them all. Best Executive Management Meeting we have ever had. So good, we are always asking for him to come back. PS: It is hard to believe, but after six years we discovered he is as good in sales as executive management and control of business." - - Chairman & CEO

"... He is not like the major consulting houses - looking for a home in your company and writing reports and studies. His philosophy is to find out what is wrong and then give your people the insights, knowledge, and tools to fix their own problems. He knows how to get out of the way. A Master at building self-reliance and self-confidence in your people." - - President

"... If the highest rating you can give his 2-week "Executive Marketing and Sales Management Course" is 20, then I give it a 100++. Everybody else gives it the full 20. He has earned his Dr. the hard way - he worked for it in the real world (tremendous experience) with the best, and he really knows how to fix business problems." - - Vice President Marketing & Sales

"... Our company was sick and you fixed the dying patient - our company and our people. You deserve the title Dr. from all of us." - - Chairman

"...You did not teach me a thing. You did however prove that what I do is right. You presented what took me my life time to learn the hard way. I am a very successful business owner. The time was worth it. To bad the rest of the class didn't fully grasp everything you was trying to teach them. It is hard to change book learning." - - Chairman, CEO

"... Just about the time you realize that Dr. Gell understands your business in one area of expertise - you discover he understands all the other areas also, and best of all, he knows how to cut to the chase with the essential point of focus. He is a master of control when it comes to business." - - Sr. Vice President Marketing

"... Your method of Problem-Solving and Decision-Making has totally changed CONTEL from the top down. It is a brilliant and practical approach to controlling our business and our markets. Starting with the top executive board was the best decision." - - Chief Executive Officer

"... Fantastic, riveting speaker who knows what he is talking about. Great sense of humor and an entertainer too. When it comes to business, look out! You're in for some educational surprises. Don't get him into global strategy, or you are going to learn more than you bargained for (must be wired in at the top!)". - - Chairman of the Board

"... Dr. Gell has always been ahead of everybody else, by teaching courses on global business way before the universities or even our government. His insights into global business and marketing strategy are profound." - - President, CEO

"... He seems like a quite and unassuming person. Get him in front of an audience and your in for a pleasant surprise. Let him in your company and he becomes a mole, burrowing around until he understands your business better than you do. Best of all he has integrity and you can trust him totally with your deepest secrets." - - Chairman, CEO

"... Dr. Gell is unusual in his understanding of global strategy, to say the least. In Teheran he was fixing our business and developing our managers, and he was also telling us that a guy from France (Ayatollah Khomeini) was coming. We were very secure and we didn't believe. With Dr. Gell it pays to listen and believe." - - Chairman, Middle East Operations for AIG

"... Credentials are impeccable. A global track record earned the hard way - years of experience all over the globe and in every business. He understands the subtleties of culture differences and can make business work in any country. Has been a consultant in America (in the sixties) when all the consultants knew who each other was; About a hand full of university professors termed "consultant" at the time." - - Sr. International President, South America

"... If you really want to understand what is going on - in the new world economic order, its impacts on global strategy and your company - stop wasting your time and get Dr. Larry Gell. If you want to fix your business, what are you waiting for?" - - Chairman, Managing-Director, Europe

"... Dr. Gell is a master of global strategy, business management, marketing and sales - too bad, he should have been in religion or charitable work - heart of gold." - - Chairman

"... You can hire a major consulting firm and have recent college grads running around your company trying to learn about your business and writting reports. Or, you can have Dr. Gell fix your company; organize, motivate and focus your employees into a winning team!" Sales, Maketing and Management!
He knows your business and that's the result of decades of consulting experience. - - Chairman

This should not be mistaken for arrogance or egotism...this is Confidence and years Experience. There are file cabinets full of these letters. Dr. Gell has trained tens of thousands of business executives from Chairmen (sorry no Chairwomen yet) to field salespeople on every continent in the world.

more to come... 

Dr. Gell has trained tens of thousands of sales, marketing and management executives in all parts of the world; and in every industry. He is an Internationally recognized (in high demand) speaker, consultant and trainer. Repeatedly requested speaker for corporate annual events around the world. His clients read like a "Who's Who" of the worlds major corporations. His training experience covers top executives to field sales personnel. His experience includes implementing and applying in the real-world, what he teaches..."control in business."

Dr. Gell's tailors all training programs to his clients unique selling situations. He does not recommend using "canned" training programs or inexperienced consultants fresh out of MBA programs.

More information about Dr. Gell:

Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General of IAED

A Consultant is known by the company he keeps...

International Agency for Economic Development

Gell International Group

Gell Associates & Co., Inc.

Gell Technology International

IAED Institute

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