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Dr. Larry T. Gell
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Dr. Larry T. Gell at the UN
Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General of IAED at the United Nations since 1990

A Message from Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General of IAED

About Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General of IAED

Some people are "known by the company they keep" . . .

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A Message from Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General of IAED

Dr. Larry T. Gell Ghana 1994
Dr. Larry T. Gell
conducting "Africa's First International Conference on Science & Technology" - Accra, Ghana Africa 1994
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Now in our 12th year! Jan 2008.

All of civilization is in the process of great change. This is the "Age of Discontinuity." We are just entering a new period of revolutionary development greater than any past revolutions...Industrial, Agricultural, etc. We all (no matter where you live on this planet) have a great opportunity in this "new world economic order" and the economic globalization, well under way (highly accelerated since 1989). In spite of what you might think or the conditions you find yourself in at this moment in time, this is a time of great hope and possibilities.

The challenges to business in a globalized web world are fast and furious. There is no business anywhere in the world safe from competitive attacks. Managing and selling will demand constant training, the best of skills, and diligence.

One of the great revolutions we are in, is the Technology Revolution. I am not speaking of the "Information Technology Revolution" most people talk about. I am referring to massive changes taking place in every field...Information Technology, but also, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Medical Equipment, Medicines, Communications, everywhere you look, etc, etc.. The fact is, that we now have more scientists, researchers and technologist alive than have lived in all of humankind combined together! Many of them are collaborating on solutions to the worlds problems and replacing your business. Think of the possibilities and opportunities...We can use this technology to either kill one another more efficiently, or direct this source of power we have been blessed with to solve some of our common problems building in this new shrinking world.

We are building shuttles which can transport business executives from New York City to Tokyo in 90 minutes. The information superhighway is rapidly developing. We are testing a highway with cars that drive themselves in California.

We can clone food, animals and who knows what else. We are going to Mars and building a super space station, planning on mining asteroids, and the bottom of he oceans.

Yet many great challenges face all of us on this planet...things that happen in one country on the other side of the earth, will eventually effect you and me. Diseases, HIV/AIDS, bugs, ecological impacts, wars, landmines, military equipment, global terrorism, the many forms of social unrest are becoming more alarming, the poverty of wealth, the poverty of dignity, widening gaps between rich and poor worldwide, business shifts, and on and on...now travel at the speed of light. Well, at least in the near future at the speed of a shuttle, satellite, fiber optics and the global Web.

Take only one example of the many problems/challenges facing us all. The United Nations department that is responsible for monitoring Landmine removal, reported happily in 2000 that they had just removed some 200,000 landmines worldwide at a cost of somewhere between 300 US$ and 1,000.00 US$ each. And on the same program, another person reported that there were some 2,000,000+ landmines deployed in the same period of time at a cost of about $3.00 each. Some are cute little colorful plastic things (like butterflies) and children love to pick them up long after the war is over. This is a spreading problem of only one special kind of weapon that "keeps on Killing and Maiming" long after its intended use.

IAED challenges its members and the rest of the world to develop the technology to detect and remove these devices and work on the worlds growing problems. Without the ability to do this job, it becomes extremely difficult to have successful economic and social development. Whole sections of some countries will be cordoned off for the next 300 years or so. One country has 1 out every 4 people injured by Landmines.

Are we in a period of scarcity or of non-scarcity? Are we going to fight a world war over water or food (as some experts predict) when you sit for hours and fly around the globe over water most of the time. And travel through country after country including the developed ones and see food wasting or rotting away? Can the new technologies yield better and more food?

People's movements (discontent) even in the developed countries are beginning to focus on the corporations and institutions that support them and globalization, IMF. World Bank and WTO World Trade Organization; and ask if they are fair and equitable in their globalization activities. They are asking if the corporations are accountable and responsible for their actions? When the leader of one of the biggest countries in the world says..."This is the end of big government." Many people are asking...what is it the beginning of? Big business...a move from Democracy to Corportocracy, with or without values? We know that many business leaders have values, and we want to find those concerned leaders and executives who would like to become an active part of this Agency and make a real positive contribution helping people worldwide and to improving our image as a compassionate and caring society.

I would like to extend this invitation to concerned businesses, owners, leaders, executives, university professors, researchers and scientists throughout the world, in every country to join IAED and make a difference in the world. We promise to keep you stimulated with insights, problems, opportunities and challenges which are global. And we are going to continue (since 1990) making a positive difference in the global village and at the United Nations.

"Ask not what the world can do for you...
Ask what you can do for the world.

- Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General, IAED


Dr. Larry T. Gell
Founder and Director-General, IAED
e-mail contact: lgell@ ;iaed.o rg


PS: THINK GLOBALLY AND ACT GLOBALLY! Or, we see the results since 911.

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 Dr. Gell Lecturing CEO's in Brussels
Dr. Larry T. Gell briefing Chief Executive Officers on
Geostrategic and Geopolitical Risks and Opportunities 2002/3/4

About Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General of IAED

Dr. Larry T. Gell has spent nearly fifty years working for the biggest transnationals corporations, governments, and military organizations around the globe...trouble shooting and fixing their businesses. He is a recognized international management consultant and dynamic speaker and expert on Global Strategy, Geopolitical/Geostrategic Risks and Opportunities, Strategic Planning, Executive Management, Marketing and Sales, and Organization Structure. He spoke before tens of thousands of executives and managers of the largest businesses in every part of the globe since 1960.

Dr. Gell has held either "Category-II Consultative Status" to the United Nations ECOSOC or UN/DPI Status from the years of 1990 to 1999. He has been a member of the Board of the "Executive Committee of Non-Governmental Organizations Associated with the Department of Public Information" for four years. He is the ONLY person in the history of the United Nations to be given "official approval" to videotape inside the UN (1994-1999). For twelve years he has been interviewing Ambassadors and Heads of the 192 Governments at the UN on his weekly UN TV show; "INSIDE THE UNITED NATIONS: The Global Issues." In essence, he has been studying the United Nations (from inside the UN) and analyzing the world's critical problems that impact our corporations globally. He has organized and conducted "Africa's First International Forum on Science and Technology" in Accra, Ghana in 1994. He invited and paid for United Nations officials, other NGOs, and other groups of Civil Society (businesses and universities). Many more activities are posted at this web site. See IAED Projects.

To learn more about Dr. Larry T. Gell, see his biography... Dr. Larry T. Gell's Biography

Some people are "known by the company they keep" . . .

Also see Gell International Group and Gell Associates & Co. Inc. for more details about Dr. Gell.


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Dr. Larry T. Gell speaking before the Government of Ghana, Africa 1994. 

International Agency for Economic Development

The logic behind IAED, the history of IAED and the Director-General's activities since January 1990.

Dr. Larry T. Gell brings to IAED nearly fifty years of successful economic development and problem-solving consulting to the largest corporations in every part of the world. He understands what works and what does not work in sustainable economic and social development. He understands the Globalization process taking place and how and what the developing countries will have to do to succeed. Since 1990 Dr. Gell has been deeply involved at the United Nations establishing and formulating IAED's reputation and strategy.

Dr. Gell has a internationally recognized successful "track record" of forming strategic alliances with partners worldwide; beating the largest corporations in the world in their markets all over the globe for their competitors; Problem Solving and fixing their businesses in every country of the world,... (See more details at Dr. Gell's bio). That experience can be applied to the newly "structurally adjusted countries" which now have to compete with the established Developed World and their powerful corporations to pay off their macro debt. Not to mention all the small micro businesses which will have to compete with the same established business power structure in the world's markets.

IAED's first goal is to assist the Developing Countries to obtain long term sustainable economic and social development through targeted charitable projects and charitable contributions. The refocus of international, multinational and transnational businesses on the social/economic conditions in the countries they do business in can go a long way towards the sustainable economic development of these Developing Countries and the social stability we will need as we globalize, stabilize, and expand worldwide.

There is no Islamic or Arab country that has developed or benefited from Globalization like China and India. Many people have been suffering not only economic poverty, but also a "poverty of dignity." Where ever Islam butts up against their "outside world" there are problems (terrorist active). Among the Black Americans in the USA we see a rising movement to Islam.

IAED serves its members by providing an Agency for caring and sensitive businesses and professionals to make a positive and measurable impact on the economic and social development of the least developed peoples of the world. IAED brings its members to countries who need our help and we can make a significant contribution to their independent development. We empower the people to become independent and to grow and develop by themselves. IAEDs expertise is applied to the management and marketing/sales insights these developing countries need to develop in the highly competitive globalized markets. And most important, we are socially sensitive to globalization's impact on economic and social development. See our Code of Conduct.

We make sure our projects are efficient and effective, and we believe our projects prove the more compassionate and "noble side of businesses and humanity!" You can make a difference, you can help people in the world; IAED has been proving that since 1990. Why not join us in this great challenge? The rewards are the most important contribution you can make in your short life here on planet earth. Not only to and for others, but to and for yourself!

Since January 1990 the Director-General's activities have been focused on the United Nations and Country Projects. See About IAED section of this web site.

The First Lady of Ghana,
Mrs. Rawlings and Dr. Larry T. Gell 1994 in Accra, Ghana, Africa
Dr. Larry T. Gell (foreground) with the First Lady of Iran (all black) on the podium. 1999 Tehran, Iran

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