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Dr. Ra'ana Mahmood in New York City with Dr. Larry T. Gell (IAED) and Colunbia University Professor

"AGE" Publications of GCFK

GCFK Board Members 

Other Contacts

Aims and Objectives

Current Activites of GCFK and Dr. Ra'ana Mahmood, MD


Dr. Ra'ana Mahmood is the President and Founder of the Geriatric Care Foundation. She is looking for contacts in the fields of Geriatic Care and experts in Aging. Please contact her directly. 9% of the population of 140 million people in Pakistan are elderly. There very little to almost no services for the Aging, and no programs of Geriatrics in Pakistan.

We are planning "Pakistan's First International Conference on Aging"
If you would like to be involved please contact Dr. Ra'ana Mahmood.

Speakers, Papers and Contributions are being requested now. Contact Dr. Ra'ana Mahmood or Dr. Larry Gell

Conference Themes

A) Social :

1 . Social role, position and potentials of the elderly.

2. Demographic, social and economical characteristics of the elderly.

3. Aging from religious, cultural and social value viewpoints.

4. Family life of the elderly today.

5. Internationally practiced skills and techniques of assisting the elderly.

6. Social Commitments (government, people, family) vis-a-vis the elderly

7. Homes for the elderly

8. Insurance

B) Medical / Health :
1. Physical, hygienic and treatment conditions of the elderly

2. Nutrition of the elderly

3. Geriatric

4. Sports and rehabilitation for the elderly

4. Drugs

C) Psychology :

1. Isolation and depression in the elderly - solutions for improvement

2. The elderly's views / conceptions and ideals regarding their social environment and continuing educational needs.

1. Principles and methods of care-giving to the elderly

2. Education for the enhancement of individual and social awareness for beginning the old age

*** See complete details of the Conference Tentative Programme and the Speakers.

*** SEE: Conference "DECLARATION".

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Geriatric Care Foundation, - Karachi, Pakistan

Organisation For Carring for the Old

Motto: "Happy and Healthy Old Age"

Aims and Objectives

1. To promote efforts for improving the health and well being of all older persons.

2. To develop, support, and promote the clinical practice of geriatrics and provide support to practitioners providing such care.

3. To help increase the number of physicians knowledgeable about geriatrics and committed to the clinical care of the old and aged.

4. To engage and help promote a vigorous public policy effort that will result in improved health care of older people.

5. To promote effective, high quality research that addresses the health care problems of older people.

6. To develop and maintain productive and collaborative relationships with older professional organizations, groups, parties and lay organizations concerned with the health care of older persons.

7. To use different modes of communications to bring important issues in geriatric care education, research, clinical practice and public policy to the attention of all concerned and more, particularly to those working in the field, including policy makers, legislators, people in the health care industry, clinicians and others.

8. To develop and provide clinical guidelines and set practice standards for medical care of older adults and curriculum guidelines.

9. To provide training and incourage incentive and to lay down the standards for physicians concerned with geriatric care.

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GCFK Board Members:

Chief Patron, Mr. Quitbuddin Aziz, Former Minister, Pakistan Embassy in London (1978-86) & Senior Vice President of Pakistan Senior Citizens Association. (E-mail: Mr. Quitbuddin Aziz)

Patron, Mr. Abrar Hasan, Advocate Supreme Court, Ex. President Karachi Bar Association (1979-80).

Hon. Member, Mr. Zia Ahmed Awan, President of Human Rights & Legal Aid.

President, Dr. Ra'ana Mahmood, M.D., (Senior Family Physician) Fahad Poly Cklinic, Isphani Road, Karachi.

Treasurer, Mr. Mohammad Ali, Advocate, Expert in Patent & TradeMark.

General Secretary, Mr. Rafhan, Advocate

Executive Committee Members:

Dr. Riaz Qureshi, Head of the Department of Family Medicine Aga Khan Hospital

Dr. Asadullah Siddique, M.B.B.S & Diploma holder in Cardiology

Mrs. Farah, Eductionist & Engineer

Mr. Wali ul Islam, Computer Engineer

Mrs. Iffat, Educationist & Principal of School

Other contacts:

Mr. Mansoor Suhail, Press Counsellor, Permanent Mission to Paskistan to the United Nations.

Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General, IAED

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Some Activites of GCFK and Dr. Ra'ana Mahmood

I am going to arrange a WALK on 1st October, 2003 on "International Day for Senior Citizens".

Visited the International Institute for Geriatrics In MALTA,( INIA) during May 2003.

Attended "The International Workshop on Ageing" In Catholic University Washington DC, USA in June 2003.

Attended "The International Seminar On Ageing" In Columgia University, NY, NY USA during July 2003.

The Geriatrics Care Foundation is performing pioneering work in promoting awareness about the issues facing the elderly and the allusions affecting the care and respect of the important segment of our society which constitutes about 9 percent of Pakistan's population.

Since its inception in 1999, the Geriatrics Care Foundation has worked devotedly to raise awareness through organizing seminars/symposia in Karachi, where the elderly face serious problems due to excessive urbanization of this biggest city of Pakistan. We have institutionalized two Walks to motivate and mobilize the general public and are proud to recall that there has been tremendous public response and participation in these. I have also been writing articles, columns and features in the Press
and have been regularly hosting a radio programme on the subject.May I add that I have had the honour of participating in several seminars and workshops in Malta, Washington D.C. and New York in the last couple of months and am in the process of applying the experiece gained at those international programs to the situation prevailing in our society, ofcourse with some modifications. I also have been serving on the National Experts Group on Ageing of the Government of Pakistan since last year and have been fully responsive to Government's requirements for advice and suggestions on the issues facing the elderly.

If you would like to help or volunteer please contact me directly above.

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So far our team of workers and volunteers has been generating recources through its efforts at the local level by involving the public.However, with the increase in the ambit of our activities, also due to the enhanced level of our operations, we have become extremely deficient in funds. We are very concerned that at a stage when our activities and functions have received such enormous public support and appreciation, our Foundation should not be affected by the resource constraints.

Our Foundation currently has the following projects lined up, about which we have completed necessary groundwork and are ready to be implemented subject to the availability of funds :-

i ) Survey of the most urgent requirements, issues and deseases confronting the elderly in Pakistan;

ii) Mobile Care Team ....comprising doctor,psychiatrist and nurse .... to introduce the concept of economical care of the elderly;

iii) Regular publication of the Newsletter , Age , which has been started by our Foundation for raising awareness ;

iv) Setting up of Day Care Center for the Elderly, where basic facilities may be provided to them;

v) Persistent efforts to bring about necessary legislation for the respect and care of the elderly to effect medical facilities at hospitals, fare concessions and priority treatment to them.

Please help by sending your donations directly to GCFK or by contacting Dr. Ra'ana Mahmood, MD in Pakistan or

Mr. Mansoor Suhail, Press Counsellor, Permanent Mission to Paskistan to the United Nations, USA.

Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General, IAED, NY, NY USA

"AGE" Publications of GCFK

October 2004, Volume1, Issue 8

July 2004, Volume 1, Issue 9

More information will be posted here with links to their web site soon.

Addition questions can be forwarded to Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General at IAED.

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