IAED Funding Requirements

UN TV Weekly Broadcasts with Simultaneous Webcasts . . . Now in our 18th Year!

(Officially approved by the United Nations to videotape "inside" the UN since 1994)

IAED has three Funding areas (needs):
1) IAED Operating Budget: (only $2/3K per month)
IAED provides a free weekly one hour (or more) television interview for Ambassadors and their Heads of Government. There are minimum expenses to produce this every week. Dr. and Mrs. Gell have been supporting this free service to countries, their United Nations Ambassadors, and Heads of Governments since 1994. The purpose is to provide a world-wide platform for the Ambassadors to discuss their "real" issues uncensored and uncut. Their programs are webcast to the worlds universities and anybody else who can help them solve their problems.

The UN, USA, Europe have not made the moral or fiscal commitment to develop most of the UN countries socially and economically. Their policies have in fact pushed them into negative growth: the LDC's countries are actually slipping further behind the rest of the world in disease, deaths, poverty and debt. The UN does not have the budget or authority to get the job done by itself. The USA and Europe are too busy developing China and India (and the War with Radical Islam) to the exclusion of most of the rest of the world's countries economic development. USA legislation and policies have in fact been creating an "ever widening gap" right in the USA between the rich and the rest of society (including Middle and Lower classes). IAED looks closely at the causes of poverty (and lack of development) and works at solutions.

IAED manages and maintains an extremely low operating budget so that almost 100% of the funds can go directly to our charitable projects in the USA and Globally.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please donate now.

2) Sponsorship on IAED's weekly United Nations TV shows:
The weekly TV show is broadcast every Friday from 11 PM - 12 AM, and simultaneously web broadcast worldwide. This is the FIRST and ONLY weekly one-hour television show in the world on the United Nations (from the "inside"). The message to the UN Ambassadors is, "We care about you, your country, and your peoples economic and social development."
3) IAED's Economic & Social Development Charitable Country Projects:
IAED Country Projects are mainly conducted in developing countries and the USA. Corporate support for these projects is good corporate public relations, and communicates a sensitivity to the countries that America and the Developed Countries do business in. IAED also conducts Seminars/Conferences in the USA in coordination with our Members, partners, colleges, universities and businesses on "business, science and technology which can speed-up the development of the developing countries."
Your support and contributions are needed and greatly appreciated.
Contact us directly and/or mail your check to us at IAED. Thank you.

Support and Donations are needed and greatly appreciated.
Send your donations to IAED.

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