My Hobbies . . .

The famous "Checker Board Approach" to Kai Tak

Kai Tak Airport Hong Kong

Dr. Larry Gell at Hong Kong Aero Club 1970's

Hong Kong Aero Club - 1970's
Was the best Aero Club in the World!

Hawker Jet

Lear Jet

Lear Jet Cockpit


Early Morning out of Malta. Just over Sicily.
Heading up the
Italian Boot towards Europe.

Climbing over the Swiss Alps. Heading for Holland.

Cessna Cockpit

Nighttime over Los Angles, California

Some Fun Planes to fly . . .

Cessna 152
Great Fun. Forgiving aircraft!

Cessna 172

Cessna 210

Cessna 340

Beachcraft Bonanza


Piper Cub

Piper Mirage

A Navy Captian (General) taught me how to fly this airplane
backwards over the ground, while I was in the Air Force (1960).

Some Seaplanes . . .

Crop Dusters . . .
You have to have a stomach for it!

Gliders! The Joy!

Hemet, California
Getting ready to climb over the San Jacinto Mountains (in background) with the Pacific Air Wave;
cross Palm Springs, California, and head across the Desert to Twentynine Palms, California Marine Combat Base;
swing back west to Great Bear Lake; then return to Hemet in the same day.

One heck of a ride and day!

Learned to fly in 1954. Hold licences in these planes,
and in many countries around the world.
Have flown many other planes worldwide.

High Speed Roller Disco-Dance Skating
(Thanks to the United States Air Force!)

I have always liked sports that you alone have to control,
or the sport controls you.
It is like business and your life;
either you are in control or out!


JUDO - another, either you are in control or out!

Business - another, either you are in control or out!
My number one favorite hobby/sport.

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