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International Agency for Economic Development

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Thanks to individuals like you, IAED has since 1990 monitored the United Nations, recorded six years of UN Meetings "inside" the UN, established the UN NGOs first UN videotape library inside the "UN NGO Resource Library Center," set up the first websites for the UN NGOs, started the world's first weekly one-hour UN TV broadcasts and simultaneous webcasts (now in our16th year), and conducted "Economic and Social Development" Charitable Country Projects around the world.

Your donations sends the message that "you care" about the UN Ambassadors and their countries. The main purpose of the weekly UN TV Broadcasts/Webcasts is to give the UN Ambassadors an uncut, unedited and uncensored global platform to express their countries needs, problems and opportunities. Many universities and colleges around the world use the broadcasts in their teaching programs, and some actually help the countries.

You can help us continue this work by giving a donation today! IAED is an independent non-profit organization, so we depend primarily on contributions from individuals, and members.

To learn more about IAED and our programs, please visit our About IAED page.

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Tax Deductible Gifts

IAED is a nonprofit incorporated in the State of New York, operates through "Fiscal Sponsors" which are registered as a charitable organization and recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)3 of the revenue code. Therefore, your gift may be deductible against United States income taxes.

Membership in IAED

You can also become a member of IAED. If you live in country outside of the United States you may become an "Official IAED Country Coordinator" and you can apply for the opportunity to be the "IAED Country Office" in your country.

Weekly Global UN TV Broadcasts/Webcasts since 1996.

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