Global Problems, Conditions and Issues.

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    Is "Globalization" as wonderful as the authors want us all to believe?

    Tax breaks are good for the Rich. Greed is Good! Corporations should fire all the employees that is possible and "out-source" the rest for "no benefits" costing. After all benefits like Pensions, Insurance, especially Dental, are costs burdens a corporation should not bear. Americans should become Entreprenuers (85% fail in the first 2 years, losing their companies and their homes.) American's should look for jobs at the Number One Employer: Woman Entreprenuers. Corporations should move their businesses to China (Boeing being the latest in 2002) or where ever they can get the cheapest labor and tax breaks. Corporations should move their headquarters "off-shore" to tax havens so that they do not have to pay taxes. Government should "downsize" ("This is the end of big government! This is the end of big government!" - President Clinton) "We will get big government "off-your-backs." Off the Corporation backs? With government downsized and no government to watch the Corporations; Corporations cutting the funds and support to the Universities; Research Centers; Education budgets for Americans being reduced every year since President Reagan; American's should be driven out of the Universities so to make room for our new international partners children; Americans should help pay for their educations also; Welfare and other Social Support Systems should be reduced or totally "cut." We don't need "Managers" running our Corporations, we need "Finance" people with "creative" financing for the books; Accounting firms (Anderson) should help corporations "cook-the-books" and "shred -the-records." The stock market should be driven "down" so employees lose their Pensions, and corporations can buy back their stocks on-the-cheap; Corporate Executives should increase their salaries and benefit packages; Credit cards should be issued to every one, especially the poor or not working, so that they accumulate huge debt. States and Cities should fine new ways to tax their citizens (like raise the home taxes, increase the fines, etc) There is no reason to give the Rich an incentive to give to charity, so appeal the Estate taxes.

    The poor should wait patiently for the "trickle down" effects. Like losing their jobs and homes? How do you like the current economy?

    This Globalization is good for the World. The policies of the United Nations, World Bank, IMF and Paris Club (Europe) will help any country big or small, Developed, Developing or Least Developed (very poor) countries to copy this Globalization strategy and impose the same problems, conditions and issues on their citizens.

    "Your Globalization has no human face!" (Statement by Minister of Least Developed Country at the United Nations)

    "Learn to Adjust, or Perish!" (Statement by head of IMF at the United Nations)

    Communism Failed! Socialism Failed! Capitalism Won! "We are RIGHT! And you are WRONG!" "You are either with us, or against us!"

    (Posted June 16, 2002)

    What ever happened to the "Peace Dividend?"

    It is estimated that the CURRENT Military Budget for the USA is greater than all of the next 15 largest countries Military Budgets in the world combined together. And President Bush's CURRENT (this year 2002) request for an INCREASE is equal to all of the NATO Country's Military Budgets combined together.

    Is this a NO-Brainer?

    (Posted June 16, 2002)

"There are ONLY two reasons why anybody might be mad at the USA; They are jealous of our Freedoms and Democracy (Human Rights)."

(Posted June 16, 2002)

Does anybody know of ONE Islamic/Arab country that has benefited by Globalization and has become a Developed Country with opportunity for ALL of its citizens (like USA & Europe)?

(Posted June 16, 2002)

According to Secretary-General Kofi Annan on a Charlie Rose show a few weeks back, "Most of the 54 countries in Africa are worse off than they were 20 years ago , and sliding down!" He is the CEO of the United Nations (the buck stops here) and from Ghana, Africa...What is he doing to change those conditions?

Some critics claim under his new "UN Global Compact" he is bring in Corporations to the UN and giving them "special UN privileges" to exploit the Developing and Least Developed Countries? This policy is clashing with many of the Ambassadors who ask, "Where have the Corporations been for the past 55 years?" They (Corporations) claim they have "NO responsibility to Countries or solving Country's Problems." "Our only responsibility is to the share holders (not currently doing a very good job) and to "bottom line" profitability."

The supporters believe that with out the Corporations, there can be NO development for these countries. And the Corporations are their only hope.

What do you think?

(Posted June 16, 2002)

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