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IAED is interested in the Global Problems, Conditions, and Issues of our times and Solutions to them. IAED is an "action focused" organization and goes directly to countries to help the people solve their problems. Listed here are some of the key global conditions and problems.

IAED has been visiting countries with problems since 1990, and we have been helping them to solve them. If you would like to join us, here is your opportunity to make a difference.

Key Global Conditions & Problems
Environmental Destruction
Human Rights and Freedoms
Social Services
Science & Technology
Economic Refugees

Your positive ideas and thoughts are important to us. Join others with discussions and comments from people around the world. If you have firsthand knowledge of these conditions and some solutions in your countries, please join our "Discussion Section."

Discussion Section Click here to ask Dr. Larry T. Gell your questions or send him your thoughts on IAED's Discussion Section, or you may contact IAED directly: please send us your comments directly to IAED.

We also want to find companies and individuals who are sensitive to these issues and are making positive contributions towards their solutions. Do you know of any in your countries?

While we are working on this section feel free to contact us directly with your comments related to these issues. You may fax or e-mail your comments. Thank you in advance. We will share all information with anybody who wants it. Contact us.

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