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"Knowledge is the key to the universe. Therefore, get thee knowledge.
But with all thy getting, get UNDERSTANDING!"

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World Education
Administration Conferences:

The Future of
Education Administration/
Transcultural Empathy:
"Kicking It Up A Notch"

Burj Al Arab Hotel
Jumeirah, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Latest Technologies & Management Strategies for Higher Education
Cairo, Egypt

Building a Global Network of Higher Education

Now open: Call for Papers & Speakers & Participants

Global Conferences on Business, Science & Technology
(To Speed-up the Least Developed Countries Economic Development)
(and other Least Developed Countries who request them.)


Programs are held in countries in luxury hotels, or at our special executive retreats/conference centers.

The Burj Al Arab Hotel, Jumeirah, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Ramses Hilton, Cairo, Egypt

Taj Lake Palace, Rajhstan, India

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Dr. Larry T. Gell
Executive Programs Conference Leader:
For more information on Dr. Larry T. Gell.

Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General of IAED (1990-2008). International consultant with nearly fifty years of global business experience solving problems for top executive management of transnational corporations worldwide. (Clients are: Chairman, Presidents, CEO, COO, Vice Presidents Sales & Marketing in the global markets.) Considered to be a "spell binding speaker" on Global Business topics. Rated the " top speaker to get" for your annual executive business meetings. Focused on the United Nations since 1990 and the global issues as they impact global businesses and countries.

Some attendees comments:
"Knows what is really going on in the world."
"Connected to the people making it happen in the world, and best of all ... He can explain it so you can use his insights to improve your businesses."
"Stretches your mind to a new dimension with his "rules" for successful in business, and global insights. Powerful, challenging and highly rewarding learning experience."
"I would guess he knows the United Nations as well, if not better than most people who are working there."
"Want to understand Geopolitical and Geostrategic Global Strategy; the challenges, threats, and opportunities? Get Dr. Gell."
"Positively uplifting experience!"
"Actions taken or avoided inside the United Nations impacts our businesses more powerfully than business executives understand."
"There are professors making assumptions, writing books, teaching kids, and on TV as the "experts" on countries... then there is Dr. Gell interviewing and talking with the worlds Ambassadors and Leaders of the Countries every day since 1990."

For more information on Dr. Larry T. Gell.

Outstanding corporate speaker on Geopolitical and Geostrategic Global Strategy and Global Marketing & Sales. Nearly fifty years international executive management consulting experience to the worlds transnational corporations and governments. Director-General of IAED since 1990: Working with UN Ambassadors and Heads of Governments on Global Issues and Economic Development.

Dr. Gell with H.E. Mr. Munir Akram,
Ambassador of Pakistan UN Mission

Picture taken during interview inside the United Nations Security Council President's Office June 2004

Education Programs for Senior Business Executives:

Business Executive Conferences - Seminars - Briefings are designed exclusively for these specific top executive management titles:
Chairman, Presidents, CEO, COO, VP Marketing and Sales, and International Executive Management only.

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Programs held in New York City in one or more of the following Luxury Hotels and Conference Centers.


Special "Country Briefings"

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Nearly fifty years solving problems for the worlds largest corporations in almost every country around the globe. Focused on Executive Management and Control of their businesses. Global Management, Marketing and Sales Consulting. Problem Solving and Decision Making Team Building Strategies for Success.

For more information and details contact: Director-General, IAED

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