Dr. Gell's Clients

Some people are known by the company they keep...

Only a select few of Dr. Gell's clients . . .

Dr. Gell has trained thousands of Senior Executives (Chairpersons, Presidents, CEOs, COOs, International VP Marketing/Sales, and Sales people) all over the world.

There are many more to be posted as we obtain the logos... Lunn Industries, Norfield, Dyrotech, Wheat First Securities, Bache, Tem Tex, Verex, Critikon, Pacific Telephone, ATF-Davidson, Frank B. Hall, ITT-Globe Communications, UMC Corp, Unidynamics, Continental Telephone Company, Allied Chemical, Public Service of Indiana, Computer Programming Institute, Hong Kong Management Center, Far East Asia Limited, Security Pacific Corp., Puerto Rican Management Association, Kinkos, Strategic Air Comand - US Air Force, etc, etc... stay tuned!

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