IAED Briefings


Senior Top Executive Management Briefings on:

• Global Strategy

• Geo-Political Strategy

• Geo-Strategic Strategy

• Strategic Global Planning

• Top Executive Management of Global Businesses

• "INSIDE THE UNITED NATIONS" - How it works (or dosesn't) for Senior Business Executives.

• Private (exclusive meetings) for CEOs, Presidents and Sr. VPs with UN Ambassadors.

• The War in Iraq & Middle East - from the Ambassadors who live in & around there.

• Growing Global Threats to the USA Businesses: What we can do about them.

• Why most of the World hates us. (How close to us are they?) What we can do about it NOW!

• Where are the Risks, Dependencies, Contingencies and Opportunities for Businesses.

• Other topics as they become current and impact global businesses.

"Dr. Gell is ahead of the rest of the world on what is really happening and why!"

"It took 16 Government Agencies and a Special Presidents Panel to tell the President in 2006 what Dr. Gell told the FBI in 2002."

 "Powerful insights! Shock you into reality."

"He turns your lights on! Makes you understand."

"Motivational, and shows you how to take advantage of the rapidly changing world.

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