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IAED Seminars & Conferences:

IAED Institute conducts Briefings, Seminars and Conferences for Top Level Executives around the World.
Areas of expertise and unique insights include but are not limited to:

• "Controlling Your Business" Series of Seminars. (46 years of experience at this.)

• Global Sales & Marketing Strategy.

• Strategic Thinking: Problem Solving & Decision Making on Global Business Challenges.

• Geopolitical Strategy of the 192 United Nations Country Member States.

• Geostrategic Strategy; Future Threats to Global Business and Contingency Thinking.

• Insights into the United Nations: How it Impacts Your Business in the Your Country and Globally.

• Understanding the United Nations and How it Works.

Behind the News Broadcasts (All behavior is caused.) International Events Insights & Analysis.

Leaders of the World: What they Think and What They are Doing.


• What the World Likes and Dislikes about the USA.


Consulting to Top Executive Management includes: Top Government Officials, Chairman of the Board, President, CEO, COO, (foreign General Managers) Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, and International Vice Presidents.

Country Consulting and Briefings for Heads of States, Heads of Governments, Foreign Ministers, and Ambassadors.

Training on your site.

Guest Speaker and Keynote Speaking.


IAED Projects:

IAED conducts Economic and Social Development Projects in the U.S.A. and in Countries Worldwide. Contact us for details of Projects we are currently working on and considering.

• If you are in a Developing Country or Least Developed Country, you may contact us with a Project your country needs for our consideration.

You can be a part of IAED.

If you would like to become involved with IAED as a Member, Advisor, Country-Coordinator, Supporter, or Sponsor of our Weekly UN TV Broadcast/Webcast. Contact IAED.


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