Member Benefits

(See Member Flowchart)

Why would you want to be a member with IAED?

1) You have a successful company and you want to expand your business globally.

2) You are a major transnational corporation and you want to improve your corporate image (Social Responsibility) in countries where you are already doing business.

3) You have a business (large or small) which is having trouble in the USA or internationally.

4) You are a one person entrepreneur (or very small business/few employees) and you want to expand globally.

5) You are a one person entrepreneur (or very small business/few employees) and you want to have the advantage of our consulting experience, to either solve your business problems or learn about the international consulting business.

We have the vehicle (IAED) to expand your business globally and/or improve your corporate image.
And, we have the international consulting experience to fix your business. (Expand your sales and increase your profits, cut your costs, solve your problems.)

We are not Professors making assumptions about countries, or businesses, writing books, and teaching kids recent from their Mothers.

Our mantra is NOT "Where did you get your degree? - It is, "Where did you get your experience?"

(See Member Flowchart)

Rewards and Opportunities

The rewards and opportunities to you (your company) in your association with IAED includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Be considered for the Executive Board.
  • Participate in the Executive Advisory Board Committees.
  • Participate in IAED's Operations and Management.
  • Be considered for IAED's Country Representative Office.
  • Be considered for one of IAED's official Country Coordinators.
  • Become an Advisor to IAED with links to you and your company.
  • Discounts (or free) for our many Executive Management Education Programs.
  • Assistance from our 50+ years of Executive Management International Consulting Experience.
  • Expand your Global Exposure and Geopolitical & Geostrategic Knowledge.
  • Be on television broadcasts and global webcasts.
  • We help our members establish your own TV Show with global Broadcasts/Webcasts.
  • Participate in IAED's global Country Projects.
  • Assist you in your expansion of your business in the global markets.
  • Membership opens up opportunities for Partnerships, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures and Company Representation relationships with IAED.

A real measurable and observable "Return on Investment" for your contributions.

You can be sure that 100% of IAED's funds go to charitable projects you can be proud of. We guarantee this!

Work on charitable projects with high visibility and measurable success. Feel good about yourself and your contribution because you can be sure you are making a difference and benefiting from your involvement.

First to know... Insight and wisdom into (unedited) “real world” global affairs from the sources. Understand the constant changing geopolitical and geostrategic conditions from world Leaders. Information not available anywhere else in the world.
It is a "no-brainer." Either you tune into the Worlds media and listen to their "experts" and professors making "assumptions" about the worlds conditions and countries, or listen to the Leaders who run those countries!

A chance for you to participate and contribute to a "proven" organization, “well tested” (since 1990) with a highly visible positive image and “successful track record” of completed projects worldwide

Gives you the confidence to be working with experienced IAED management committed to IAED’s success, and its efficient and effective operations since 1990. And, to know IAED is vitally interested in our Members success also.

Access to countries at the top of the governments. And, to the opportunities in countries which can be helpful to your goals and your business.

Ability and opportunity to make a real and measurable global impact: To help by contributing to solutions which solve some of the real global problems before they “blow back” at America.

Participate in our Executive “Global Strategy” Seminars, Briefings, Conferences, Training Programs and Meetings at Members discounts (or Free).

Work with us on global Charitable Country Projects which develop Economic and Social stability in Developing Countries. Usually very helpful to the goals and objectives of your business/company.

Insight into Global Marketing and Sales Strategies: Problems, Challenges, Opportunities; Contingencies, Dependencies, and Risks . . . Way ahead of your competition (even our own government.)

IAED produces the worlds first and only Television show in the United States of America devoted to the United Nations exclusively. Now in its 10th year! "INSIDE THE UNITED NATIONS: The Global Issues"

IAED provides video tapes of United Nations meetings (since 1994) and Special Interviews (every week) of United Nations Department Heads and the UN Permanent Ambassadors from the United Nations Missions (10 years.) Note hundreds of these video tapes have gone to United Nations Department Heads, Ambassadors, Ministers from countries throughout the world, Universities, Corporations, and to many NGOs since 1994. (Even Presidents (and their First ladies) of countries.)

World-Wide Web Video Broadcasting of our United Nations Television Shows. Every Friday "Prime time" at 11:00 PM till 12:00 AM from our TV Studio (MNN).]

"Pakistan's First International Conference on Aging" - (Planning stages.) (ON HOLD.)

"IRAN's First International Conference on Aging" - Tehran, IRAN October 1999

"Africa's First Science and Technology Conference" held in Accra, Ghana, Africa in 1994.

(See Member Flowchart)


"Ahead of the Curve"

IAED has been providing a free weekly (unedited, uncut, uncensored) one-hour (or more) TV Broadcast with simultaneous global Webcast for the United Nations Ambassadors since 1996 (10th Year.) The purpose is to stream to global universities and anyone else who wants to understand the countries of the world, their real problems, challenges, and opportunities. All in the hope that universities, companies and individuals will help these countries in their economic and social development. Building friends!

IAED asks the questions nobody else will ask. And we get the answers! More important, we take actions which lead to economic and social development which solves global problems and issues. We already have a proven track record of successes.

IAED has been monitoring the Globalization and Structural Adjustments Programs and their real impacts on countries since 1990. And, we have been on top of, and ahead of the curve on the unraveling of Globalization and the rise of Islamic radicalism.

IAED video taped every day "inside" the UN (even closed meetings) for six years (1994-1999) where we could see clearly the "build up" of problems coming for the Arab/Islamic World, and many of our close partners (other countries), and even many NGOs worldwide.

IAED aired 5 continuous one-hour interviews of the Ambassador of Pakistan the whole month of August 2001, explaining USA/Pakistan relations, Russia/India relations, Pakistan/China relations, Afghanistan conditions: history, Al-Qaida and the Taliban, what is behind the radical Muslim movement, and the current problems building towards the USA and Western Christian and Jewish world.. (Just before September 11, 2001)

IAED interviewed the Ambassador of Iraq in August 2002. A Law Professor (prior to UN Ambassador) teaching women Law in a secular Iraq. He explains why the USA may attack his country, and how it will violate the International Law Codes and even the UN Charter.

IAED was behind the "magical" turnaround of Muammar el-Qaddafi and Libya in 1996.

IAED had opened up a positive dialog with IRAN back in 1999.

IAED interviewed the Vice-President of Taiwan (twice) and the President of the Yuen (Taiwan's Congress.) Taiwan is one of the original founders of the UN (Not China!) Taiwan, a Democracy (with human rights) of 23+ million people not allowed in the UN...a bad image for the USA., and all those countries who allow this to continue.

IAED has recorded hundreds of hours of global "pending problems" (in advance) which could have been addressed before they became our current costly big problems.

There has been a growing "targeting" of corporations as the main "causes" of many of the global problems by NGOs worldwide. There are positive actions which can be taken by the corporations...IAED is the perfect vehicle to do just that. It does not "spin the lie." IAED "tells the truth," targets global problems, and solves the problems.

IAED does not write reports, IAED is an ACTION ORGANIZATION!

(If you don't know your history or what is really going on , you might mess things up on a global scale. This could impact whatever business you are in.)

"Blow Back"

Global policies which have a negative direct impact on a country is called "PUSH." Many times no policy or the policy of deliberately ignoring a country in need is also felt as a negative impact to a country. Also known as "PUSH." If the negative impact is felt in many areas of the society or felt by other countries also, it is called "SPILL." The negative impact "spills" out to other people and/or other countries. If the impact is severe or perceived to be severe it can "BLOW BACK" at us. You are talking about the choices between Economic and Social Development vs Military responses to global issues. Which costs the most in money and human beings lives?

Iraq is a good example of how this all works. The concept was, "We will fight them over there, so that they can't come to the USA." Now we see the rising of Americans being killed and injured. Fantastic costs (hundreds of billions of dollars), taken away from social benefits to our own citizens. And, a growing number of people worldwide joining the fight against us.

But, there are more subtle global conditions and problems which also have this same impact over time. They can be ignored today... only to have to be addressed in the future at greater costs.

(See Member Flowchart)

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