Globalization and implications for Least Developed and Developing Countries:

One new world! The world united according to . . ."'Globalization (UN, World Bank, IMF, etc)"
Structural Adjustments, Rule of Law, Democracies, or open "honest" voting (not too honest like Egypt, Bolivia, Venezuela and others), market economies, free trade, global stock markets, privation of your countries companies and putting them on the world markets.
And, many more subtle and not so subtle changes . . .

Questions are: FREE TRADE or FAIR Trade? If Wall Street Bankers decide to rip off 2-7 Trillion dollars (2008) will it impact your country. Maybe even bring it to its knees . . . bankruptcy?
Will the "Butter & Guns" economics work worldwide? Or, will the guns finally be bigger and more deadly while being aimed in the wrong directions. Will Greed over power Wisdom? Can we keep laying debt on the whole world, including college students?

Will a very small number of the RICH (.999 of 1%) pocket all the money (like in the USA) and benefits for themselves, while selling the bullshit of "We are going to get Big Government off your backs" to their citizens?
Reducing the size of Government watch dogs off the backs of the RICH. And, giving them the opportunity to cut any social benefits (mainly Health Care/Food Assistance for the poor) for the rest of the society. They have been doing that since the Clinton's and Bush's came to the White House. Is that why Bill Clinton said on TV, "I love that man, I love that man." referring to George Bush senior.

Will the Least Developed countries follow the USA examples of how to run their countries?

Meanwhile, what does China and Russia think about the "New World Order?"

What is going on in the USA?


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