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I got a lot of negative comments twenty three years ago (1990) when I started talking to people about IAED at the UN.
Let’s just say some people were skeptical of the notion that there needed to be an International Agency for Economic Development which ran Economic and Social Development Projects for Least Developed and Developing Countries with no debt attached; Just charitable development, and empowerment of the people to solve their own problems!

I found it a surprise that there was no "International Agency for Economic Development" inside the USA Government, European Union Governments, or even the United Nations in 1990. So, I founded IAED.

Eighteen years ago nobody would believe we would start the world's first one-hour weekly United Nations Television Broadcasts and Global Webcasts. "INSIDE THE UNITED NATIONS: The Global Issues" Today, eighteen years later it is still the only exclusive uncut, unedited, and uncensored weekly one-hour UNTV Broadcasts/Webcasts of UN Ambassadors and World Leaders.

Two decades after its founding, with global projects which have changed the course of countries and history by IAED with volunteers just like you, there has never been a greater need for the projects which IAED has already proven to help countries. You can be a part of our IAED community. And I’m writing today to ask you to become an active partner in, and protect, and sustain IAED.

Together, we can keep it free of charge and free of advertising. We can keep it open – you can use the information from IAED in many ways to expand your understanding and career development. We can keep it growing – running more projects worldwide, spreading economic development knowledge everywhere, developing peace through progress, and inviting participation from everyone worldwide.

We reach out at this time to ask you and others all across the world's countries to help sustain our joint enterprise with a modest donation of $20, $35, $50 or more. Thank you.

If you value IAED as a truly unique source of information, and experience which can help you and millions of people around the globe.– Come, join us! IAED is a place where you can realize your own dreams – and a source of inspiration and real hope for millions of people.

I hope you will choose to act right now. Come, Get involved with IAED! We don't "Talk," we "Act" with measurable results!

Please, be a part of us too. Together, we can make it happen!

Sincere best wishes,

Larry Gell
Founder, IAED

P.S. IAED is about the power of people like us to do extraordinary things. People like us conduct IAED projects, one at a time. People like us fund it, one donation at a time. It's proof of our collective potential to change the world. No one has ever taken a salary from IAED since its founding in 1990.

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