First: IAED is a Charity Non-Profit Organization, looking to make positive contributions to lasting global development by showing intelligent compassion while assisting those people who are disadvantaged and need help the most, no matter where they live on the earth. IAED’s administrative and overhead operating costs have been kept to nearly $0.00 since 1990! No one has taken one cent from IAED. No salaries. Instead, it has been giving 100% of its funds to countries and to the United Nations since 1990. People who contribute to IAED may become Members and keep an eye on where their contributions go. Contact us if you are interested in measuring the impact of your contributions.

Second: IAED is a organization that provides a real positive image for individuals, businesses and corporations interested in global development. IAED’s members already have a “positive track record” of assisting developing countries to obtain sustainable economic and social development. IAED makes regular contributions to the United Nations during their current economic crisis to help them control costs and preserve their history. If you want a positive global image and you qualify, contact us directly.

Third: IAED serves its Business Members by regularly updating and informing them on “insider” globalization strategies for their success, while focusing on international business opportunities in the developing countries. IAED is a “facilitator” for its Members. IAED provides certain advantages that they are unable to obtain themselves in foreign countries. There are many unique advantages of Membership with IAED. If you are a business executive, contact us for details of Corporate Membership.

Fourth: IAED serves the 191 Countries/Governments of the United Nations, in all areas of their concerns, by providing the expertise and “real-world experience” of its Members in consultative and business projects at the UN and in their 191 countries. IAED's Business Members are from all 191 countries of the United Nations. If you are an official country representative and would like to be an "Adviser" to IAED, or suggest a business executive from your country who could become a Member, please contact us directly.

Fifth: IAED is interested in all issues of the United Nations, and monitors all activities at the UN, and actively reports on the United Nations activities.

IAED is a non-governmental organization which is non-profit, non-political, and represents all religions, races and nationalities from 191 countries of the world. Its main focus is on charitable contributions through intelligent economic and social development activities and charitable contributions from its Members.

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 (January 1990 )

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