Snapshot - Essence of IAED

International Agency for Economic Development

(Working with the United Nations since 1990.)

IAED sole focus (goal) is on economic development projects for Least Developed Countries and
Developing Countries that have specific problems.  We do not burden countries or their people with debt.

In essence, IAED is a "Problem Solver."  We solve problems for governments,
businesses, and citizens who need help.

IAED is structured first to keep costs at an absolute minimum. No employees and
no salaries are paid to anyone.  We are not trying to fit the old question of 
"How big are you?"  We are totally focused on how effective and how efficient we are. 
We seek to maintain our record of successes worldwide on "measurable and observable results" since 1990.

We are open to people joining us who have some specific expertise or
experience who can and will contribute to IAED's focus/goal and projects. 
We especially like the older retired professionals that have developed a "track record"
of successful experience.

People who join IAED are usually successful business people who may or
may not need IAED, but find the relationship beneficial to their businesses. 
IAED can expand and open doors world-wide for our members. 
Association with IAED enhances their own image and can expand their business globally.

Membership in IAED is yearly and renewable based on the Members contribution
to IAED; and of course on the Members actual benefit to them.

Any and all money (contributions) to IAED goes 100% to IAED projects.

IAED can and will give titles to members who are geographically positioned
worldwide, and may be needed for the effective operation of IAED.

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IAED is a Non-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Governmental, Non-Religious organization.

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