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Senior Executive Management Seminars & Briefings:

...Global Marketing & Sales Strategies, Geo-Political and Geo-Strategic Strategy, Executive Management of Global Businesses, Special UN Briefings and UN Country Briefings.

Macro and Micro Economic Advice:

...for UN Countries struggling to survive "structural adjustment," Globalization, WTO, and "Barriers-to-Entry" in global markets.

Management & Global Marketing Advice:

...for UN Countries struggling to manage and market their countries products and services in the global markets already dominated by the Developed Countries and their businesses.

Strategic Global Planning:

...real-world Sustainable Development strategies that have a "proven track record of success."

Jump-Start Business Education:

...if you really don't want to wait for graduate college training and years of mistakes to learn all the "rules."

Speakers Bureau:

...outstanding professional speakers with proven track records.

Charitable Contributions:

...charitable investments that are focused on developing teams with self-esteem, self-development and self-reliance of your peoples. Truly long lasting sustainable development!

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